Fictional Bell Witch Story:

Magazine Cover  with title

Before I tell the story summary below, I want to let you guys know that I might write a short, but fictional story about the Bell Witch because I have always been fascinated to write a story about her, but in a non-truthful way. I want to drive this away from true events and dive into an investigative adventure, carried with the mystery chills.

“There are six college students who plan to take a trip down to Adams, Tennessee to write a paper determining if the Bell Witch ghost exists or not. As they all hop in the car and drive away from a fictional town called, ‘Moreover, Tennessee,’ the students gather their notebooks and laptops and plan their two-week trip on what days they will investigate a certain area in Adams where the Bell’s once lived, once farmed and where they were viciously attacked by the unknown Witch who lead John Bell, Sr. to his grave. What is your assumption about this story? Will they find the Bell Witch ghost or will their investigation lead to disappointment and failure?”

What’s your honest opinion about the summary above? Is it good? Do I need to change it? Feel free to comment any time.


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