Why Did I Pick WordPress.com?

Link to old post: Three Favorite Reasons 

How I would re-write that post today:

“A few months into the blogging community on WordPress, here are three reasons why I love this website:

  1. Building Connections- I get to connect with bloggers from one country to another who share the same interests I have when it boils down to writing and photography.
  2. Become Editor-In-Chief- You are your own writer and boss. It’s how you format the story that makes or breaks your blogging career. You also learn how to grow as a writer and set deadlines on your own time.
  3. It’s a Free Website with Unique Themes- If you create a blog with the intention of building your portfolio in photography, there are themes that are free but unique enough for it to look professional.

What reasons do have for joining the WordPress community?”

New Post of Blogging & Journals: Similar or Different?

Here is a link to the old post: Journals and Blogs Similar?

Here is how I would write that post today:

“What’s your purpose for creating a blog? Did you create one to expand upon your writing skills? Perhaps sign up and use it as an online journal to vent out your frustrations?

It depends on the necessary tools to which you can utilize your blog and discover what captures a reader’s attention. For some individuals, they blog to write stories while others use to find a voice in a cause for two different intentions: 1) they are passionate about their dreams for advocacy or 2) they have a voice crying out for help.

Everyone has their own definition of blogging and what their intentions are to create one. Journals are hand-written, containing personal information to vent out anger while bloggers create a website to gain experience in the media industry as a hobby.  In ways, journals and blogs can be the same while they can also be different. “

WordPress is the Best Blogging Site:

On July 28, it will mark my fourth year anniversary of blogging on WordPress and thus far, I’ve had the best experience on here even though the layout for writing a post has changed.

Why is WordPress the best blogging site? Because it offers many tools to help you publish your work. And because you gain more opportunities to meet other bloggers on here than you will on Blogger. Once you gain an audience and publish more material, it will continue to grow. Don’t think twice and sign up for WordPress.com. As much as this sounds like an advertisement, my advice is: Spend as much time blogging on here as you can because it will help you gain advantages and knowledge that other blogging websites do not provide to you for free. For example, website layouts related to your theme. The themes are phenomenal.

Why WordPress?

For the last three years, I have used WordPress to post numerous and repetitive subjects I enjoy writing about. But these are not the main reasons why blogging on WordPress is such a great idea for college students. The reasons down below are:

1.) Receiving Audiences–> depending on how long it takes you to adjust to WordPress and how interesting your topics are, you will start receiving audiences who are interested in your work. Not only will they have to go the extra mile to follow your page, but it’s essential for you to communicate and follow them as well because you never know, they might be interested in the subjects you enjoy writing about.

2.) It’s a Public Journal–> you are as free to express your opinion and knowledge without being heckled by too many anonymous Internet users on a daily basis. Consider this website as a journal, but a public journal where everyone will read, share and give their honest opinion about it. Consider criticism to be apart of your growth as a blogger.

3.) Easy Website to Adjust To–> once you know where you stand on your website, you can design your website by selecting a theme that matches what your purpose for blogging is and it becomes extremely easy to adjust to.