Remembering Fond Memories from Middle School:

school pic

As each day passes, I sometimes look back on my middle school days (2006-2008) and realize how quickly it went by. How bright and warm the sun was, the smell of fresh flowers blossoming in the spring, the thought of a mall being built 5 minutes away from home and not realize until now how advanced technology changed in the past eleven years. Not only did it change everybody within a decade, but everything surrounding it. For example, how people run businesses now by using touchscreen registers, cell phones and tablets. My oh my, where has the time gone by?

Are Computers in The College Classrooms Distracting?

Now that technology is expanding tremendously, students in college are bringing their computers to class, instead of applying pencils to paper. Sometimes, I feel as if using a computer in class is a helpful tool because you can type information down faster, but is it a great tool when some students are chit-chatting on Facebook and use the internet without listening to the professor?

Do you believe that computers are a distraction in the college classrooms?