Seasonal Kickers to Match Your Captions:

Here are some seasonal kickers to create and match your captions if you are writing stories about the four seasons all year-long:


  1. Heat Up The Stat:
  2. Light Up A Match & Cuddle Up:


  1. Down the Temp to which Has Risen:
  2. Humidity Rise as Storms Bruise through Town:


  1. A Time to Bloom and Zoom Through:
  2. Time Zones from Dusk to Dawn:


  1. Red Formation Falling Over:
  2. Orange is the Signature Color:

Nature Photography in March:


Before I went to my room and worked on my homework,  I decided to walk outside, enjoy the warm air and take pictures of nature around my yard, filled with  yellow daisies blooming near the creek, brown leaves hanging on the tree and the grass slightly turning green in the creek.  Spring time represents the beauty of nature while the temperature outside slightly increases in the fifties, sixties or seventy degrees.