Judd Travers: A Main Character From Shiloh, 1996

In three different posts, I will compare and contrast the character Judd Travers from the three Shiloh films which were released within a 10 year time span (1996, 1999 & 2006). In the previous post from early this morning, it was mainly about life lessons that we can learn, receive and give to others (ex: Kindness). But anyway, here is how Judd was from the first film.

First Film:

  1. Judd drinks everyday, but not as heavy.
  2.  Not a committed person and tends to not follow thru with his promises to Marty until the very end of the film.
  3. His reaction at the end of the film when he lets Shiloh out of the truck, speaks volumes (preparation of what was to come in the second film).

*Side Notes for the first two films:*

  • Judd doesn’t own up to his own responsibilities as a dog owner nor as a human being
  • Stays home on a daily basis; doesn’t seem to have a job. Wonder why?
  • Drives to the store to purchase alcohol. How does he earn money, though?
  • Hunts in the first two films: Raccoons and Squirrels
  • Mainly drank beer in the first two films

Life Lessons from Shiloh Movies:

From what I’ve gathered in the three Shiloh movies, it is not only kindness you have to show towards your neighbor who’s abusive, but rather work on the most important aspect of helping this person find peace and forgiveness. In other words, don’t sit back and expect to change the person overnight. Guide them from appearing out of the darkness and show them the beauty of life and how animals (especially dogs) should receive love and affection. Here are some life lessons that we all can take from these three fantastic Shiloh movies:

  1. Do unto others as they would have undo to you. Treat people with respect and they will do the same back.
  2. Recognize that respect, though, is a two-way street. You can’t get anywhere unless you shower that person with kindness, patience and forgiveness. Eventually, they will wake-up and do the same for you.
  3. As Rod Steiger’s character says, “Try harder.” Take a look at his character and analyze what he meant in the first two movies. What was his purpose in the first two films? His purpose was to guide Marty in the right direction and teach him that even though we can’t have someone else answer our questions, try harder to dig for the truth and do everything you can to help someone see the light.