Study Time!

For the last couple of days, I’ve been exercising more and studying less. Now it’s time to jump into action and prepare for my marketing class exam tomorrow that consists of the first seven chapters from the textbook.

Exercising is great and it does make me focus, but goofing off too much doesn’t look good on my part. Instead, I need to take notes, study the textbook and read my previous quizzes that I took online to see what material will be on there as well as taking a peek at the syllabus to see what the test will be (multiple choice or short answer).

Good luck to every college student out there and try your hardest to pass your exams this semester!


Blogging is Expressive:

Blogging is not always meant for writers to use. But, it is also used to be expressive in creative ways. For example, photographers and artists blogging their work. Through their photographs and paintings, they express who they are and what they enjoy doing because it helps them relax. It gives them a fresh and peaceful mind while straying away from things that will distract and throw them off-balance.

Blogging is not just expressive because it represents what you enjoy doing in your free time, but it rather signifies who you are internally and the amount of strength you show.  In other words, what strong skills you carry.

Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool & Rule Academy:

The last part of the story was written in part o, where Daisy leaves the Academy and returns home with her owners. So far, I have begun re-touching the first part of the story because the entire story is lengthy and it has been going alright. The words will need to be rephrased as well because this is meant to be a fictional story for children and on top of that, pictures will be included.

The first part I need to complete is to re-write the story. Make it shorter and more appealing to the audience.

The second part is adding photographs to the book. Pictures also keep children interested in the story.

Lastly, the book and pages will have to be combined into two separate pages, which will take lots of time and corrections before it is published.