Re-Written Story About Ambidexterity:

Older post: Years of Writing with Left Hand

Present Day Writing Style:

“Throughout my elementary and middle school days, I was surrounded by many left-handed classmates and teachers. My mom is also left-handed and from that point forward, I began to practice writing with my non-dominate hand.

I began writing with my left hand only from eighth grade through my freshman year of college. In those years without using my right hand, I understood the struggles and benefits of being left-handed. A difficulty task included scribbling and combining sentences from line to line on school notebook paper. The benefits of being left-handed varied. I could eat and cut meat easily and cut paper without straddling underneath the lines.

It’s tough being ambidextrous because you can become too adapted to both hands at once. Meaning, it will be difficult to figure out which hand you prefer the most. But there is an advantage if you broke your dominant hand. You can switch to another at an instant.”