“Phony the Pony” Poem:

Warning: This poem will not make sense but I wrote it for the sake of another poem idea that popped into my brain at the very last-minute.

“There once was a pony named Phony. He lied too often that everyone in town said he was full of baloney.

He belonged to a family with money. And lived inside a stable with a donkey.

Once in a blue moon, he and the donkey would travel to the zoo and communicate with a monkey.

Oh Phony the pony, how deceitful he was to the public.”

Long Time, No See My Fellow Bloggers:

Long time, no see my fellow bloggers.

It has been quite a few months or more since I last posted on here. Since I have been focusing on my school work and now the semester ended, I will be blogging on here and on my other website, constantly. I just wanted to write a little random note today because it has been forever since anything was updated on here, including my website design and stuff like that.

Have a good day,