Yearbook Advice: Business Advertisements

Over the summer, the yearbook staff would be assigned to drive to certain places and ask each business if they are willing to place an ad in the yearbook. Of course, there would be some who would decline, say yes or remain undecided. After the students ask, the owner would ask how large could their ad be if placed in the yearbook. The four sizes and prices included were:

  1. Full page: $300
  2. Half page: $150
  3. Quarter page: $75
  4. Business Card page: $50

If the business owner accepts that they will place an ad for the yearbook, he or she will have to write out or send a check to the school and a layout of how he wants the business advertised. The yearbook members have to fill out paperwork and turn it into the yearbook adviser, along with the layout as soon as possible.