Change Make-Up & Lipstick on Photoshop:




How to Darken an Image on Photoshop:


1.) Click on Image—>Adjustments and click on Brightness/Contrast

2.) What you will do with the brightness is decrease it and increase the contrast or you can vice verse it. In other words, you can increase the brightness a little bit, but decrease the contrast.

Front Cover Designs For Photography Book Created Today:

Today was one of those days I sit in my room and think to myself, “What can I design on Photoshop today and how will it work?” Well, on Thursday morning after presenting one of my assignments for a career class, I created my fourth photography book this morning but with a deadline one week later. Anyways,  I began and finished it today. It took around 5 hours to finish and posted it on There was a lot that had to be redone many times, but I finally beat my deadline to the punch.

Here is an example of the front cover design for my photography book:

Front Cover-new

How to Take One Hibiscus from One Picture and Blend it In With Another Photo on Photoshop:

When it comes to copying  one plant in one picture and pasting it into another picture, that is the easiest part of the job. However, erasing the background from the picture you copied and transferred has to be perfect, or, cleaned up in order to show how clear and unique the photo looks.

In order to do this step by step, you must take two different photos of Hibiscus and open them up on Photoshop:

  1. Use the rectangular marquee tool to copy the plant you want to transfer to the other photograph
  2. In order to paste the plant onto the other picture, find a spot and use the rectangular marquee tool to place where the plant will go and click paste.
  3. In order to enlarge or shrink the pasted photo, right click your mouse and select free transform. Move up and widen the image to enlarge or move the image down and close together to shrink
  4. After you have pasted and feel ready to erase the background so that the flower can be intact and blend in with the photograph, select the eraser tool and begin erasing the edges of the plant and move around until the unnecessary background from the image is erased.
  5. The hibiscus on the left was copied and pasted on Photoshop. Hence, why the plant, itself is smaller than the one on the right.

    The hibiscus on the left was copied and pasted on Photoshop. Hence, why the plant, itself is smaller than the one on the right.

Iceman, The Bird Stalker:

Strange Ghost

If you are interesting in how I copied and pasted a picture of Iceman to another image with a bird on it, I will list my Facebook website on here and it will link you directly to the page and show you the directions.