Iceman, The Bird Stalker:

Strange Ghost

If you are interesting in how I copied and pasted a picture of Iceman to another image with a bird on it, I will list my Facebook website on here and it will link you directly to the page and show you the directions.

Finding Out What I Enjoy Publishing On My Blog:

When I began blogging at the end of July last year, I had no idea what topics would be interesting to post until now. At the beginning, I would write about random, uncategorized subjects (ex: education, weather) but now, I mostly found photography interesting to post because I enjoy taking pictures of nature and pets. To me, images are interesting to look at, whether if they are original photos taken from a camera, cell phone or the edited versions polished on Photoshop.

The point of this post is to realize that it can take months or days to figure out what you actually enjoy writing about, unless you plan ahead of time and circle a list of topics that are interesting to certain audiences.

Nature Photography in March:


Before I went to my room and worked on my homework,  I decided to walk outside, enjoy the warm air and take pictures of nature around my yard, filled with  yellow daisies blooming near the creek, brown leaves hanging on the tree and the grass slightly turning green in the creek.  Spring time represents the beauty of nature while the temperature outside slightly increases in the fifties, sixties or seventy degrees.

Daisy’s Collar:

daisy 1 images combined

The other day, while I was taking pictures for my photography class, I took a picture of Daisy May next to the house, standing up straight. Today, I went on Photoshop and I changed the picture by erasing her dog collar to see how the image turned out (used the spot healing tool) and cropped the majority of the picture since she is the subject of the picture and not just the bushes and grass.

What do y’all think about this image? Should I have kept the picture of her wearing a collar or keep the image of Daisy without a collar?

How to Make Your Cheeks Rosy On Photoshop:

Before and After Rosy Cheek Images

On Photoshop, there are different shades to use for rosy cheeks. Down below are a few directions you can use:

1. Create one layer
2. Select the “Color Picker” (Foreground Color) on the bottom left hand corner
3. After you select a radiant shade, use the brush tool to color your cheeks
4. Once you have filled in your rosy cheeks, scroll your mouse to the right hand side, click on “Normal” and click on “Multiply.”

If you have any questions, feel free to comment.