Tip of The Night: Selecting Colorful Pens for 5 Days A Week

Whether if it is a Monday or a Friday, select a colorful pen for each class you attend on different days to take for notes. It will not only look great on paper, but the beauty of the color will be blissful and colorful to stare at in the notebook all day long.

Of course, Monday’s will always be somewhat a slow day, but if you bring a bright coloring pen to class, that boring day might gradually move from a slow day to one of the best Monday’s you ever had.

Pens are very unique and creative to use when taking notes for class. The only problem with pens is that there’s no eraser. There is one type of pens that do erase, but not for the multi-colored pens.

Applying different ink colors to a paper for notes are interesting to look at, especially if you add a design or more on the paper.