Multi-Tasking From One to Another

A couple of days after being back to school, my laundry basket fills up, I have homework to complete and I need to study for a test, the trash needs to be taken out, etc. So what do I do most of the time? Multi-task. I go from one little job back to my homework and from my homework to throwing the trash bag in the dumpster and so on. Multi-tasking is balancing out what you need to do.

I balance my homework to cleaning my room to taking a shower to doing laundry and back to homework. Multi-tasking does keep energy in the blood flow going and it keeps you active, but there will be times that you will forget what you are supposed to do.

If I can multi-task, anyone can multi-task.

The Point Of Using An Agenda Book:

Agenda Book Layout Example

Although I usually write important stuff on pieces of paper or on a calendar, it is also good to use an agenda book because they keep you organized and up-to-date. It is also good to carry an agenda book to class or at a meeting to write down the due dates for your assignments in class and at work.

Regardless, academic and non-academic planners are as helpful and mostly organized like a regular calendar (Although they are not placed on the refrigerator).

When you have an upcoming meeting, use the agenda book. The point of using this planner is to keep your work in order.

What object, other than an agenda book, would you use to keep your work organized?