New Material Ideas for Blogging:

Since I have run out of ideas lately, I have posted a list down below I will take into consideration when blogging about something next time. But before doing so, do a quick a search and see if the topic has been covered. If so, move onto something else. My New Years Resolution is to cover as many topics between here and on my professional blog as possible.

  • Attending & Discussing events on campus
  • Discussing weight loss goals
  • Write movie reviews
  • New Years Resolution Solution
  • Trips to many places in TN
  • Events and concerts in Nashville
  • Interviewing someone in the political/journalism arena
  • Briefly discuss topics learned at school

Blogging Events:

It’s a new year and it’s time for me to blog some new material I’m not use to. For the past four years, my posts have been repetitive and boring as sin. Since there are some events I will be going to in the Spring, it’s best for me to get out of my comfort zone at this time and attempt to reach for the new stars. Looking for new material is not only a good idea, but it’s important for the blogger to entertain their audience members.

For bloggers, when you run out of material, what would you do? How do you manage to quickly find new material? What advice would you give to a new blogger about their work?