Camera Recommendation for Yearbook Staff:

Left: Kodak Right: Canon

Left: Kodak
Right: Canon

When I was in high school, the yearbook staff had 2 Nikon cameras and some of the members used them to take pictures, while I used a camera called “Kodak EasyShare Z700.” The camera was okay, but it did not have a manual button and the zoom in button would be somewhat blurry.

Now that I am taking a photography class in college, I use a Canon PowerShot SX170 IS, which includes a manual button and the zoom-in and out works better than the Kodak camera. My advice to you yearbook staff members is to do your research on what type of camera that would be light to carry around when you are taking pictures and the Canon camera I have is light weighted, but terrific to have and I 100% recommend the Canon.

What other cameras would y’all suggest to the yearbook staff members?