Seasonal Kickers to Match Your Captions:

Here are some seasonal kickers to create and match your captions if you are writing stories about the four seasons all year-long:


  1. Heat Up The Stat:
  2. Light Up A Match & Cuddle Up:


  1. Down the Temp to which Has Risen:
  2. Humidity Rise as Storms Bruise through Town:


  1. A Time to Bloom and Zoom Through:
  2. Time Zones from Dusk to Dawn:


  1. Red Formation Falling Over:
  2. Orange is the Signature Color:

Caption and Kicker Advice:

Tree and Flower Combined

Last week, I posted about writing captions for a yearbook. Well, today, I will provide new examples if anyone recently joined the yearbook staff and would like to know what it takes to write a terrific caption, matching your image.

Sometimes you can write a caption with a quote at the beginning or write a sentence introducing the topic before quoting a person.

Advice: Also, if you are required to write kickers above or beside the captions, try to make sure it matches the story because if you accidentally misinform what you are writing about, the yearbook readers can and will read over your part and move onto another page.

Try to prevent misspellings of any kind, punctuation and grammatical errors. These can be avoided if you proofread your work. I hope you all enjoyed reading this and if you need to share anything that you have learned from the yearbook staff, please feel free to comment.