To Middle School Journalists: How to Write a Local Newspaper Report

If you are attending middle school and plan to become a newspaper reporter one day, here is an example of how to write a local newspaper report:

First Paragraph (19-34 words)–> What Happened: On January 7th, there was a robbery at a local Mapco gas station off of Main Street in East Nashville, Tennessee .

Second Paragraph–> How it happened & Who Spoke: According to an eyewitness, the suspect pulled up at a gas pump in a 2012 Ford Explorer around 8:45 p.m. and walked inside, demanding the cashier to open the register till and give him $100 immediately.

Third Paragraph–> Description of Where & What The Suspect Did: The witness mentioned that the cashier remained calm and opened the register as quickly as possible before the suspect departed the store with cash in hand. A video of the robbery was recorded, along with the name of the vehicle and license plate the suspect had driven.

Last Paragraph–>Contact Information: The Metro Police Department in Nashville did not catch the suspect in time. However, they offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who knows where the suspect is located. If anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts, contact the Metro Police Department at 615-***-****.

If you are interested in blogging and would love to create scenarios which can help you improve your writing abilities, please do so in order to understand why journalists have to report these news in a certain order.

End of Semester To-Do List:

Even though it will be one more semester until I graduate, it is essential to start looking for a job in journalism and apply to many jobs before May 2017 arrives. It’s important to read through the skills and abilities section which will match my criteria. Otherwise, applying for that particular job where I have no skill set they are asking for, is a waste of time.

This is one of my biggest “to-do” lists because not only I will be graduating soon, but getting a job earlier would be one less thing to not worry about by the time I receive my Bachelor’s Degree. It’s best to get the job early rather than six months later which is when I will have to start paying off my student loan debt.

Even though I will begin applying for jobs in January, but I need to realize that I will not always get the job guaranteed.

High School Journalists: Summer Projects

If you are a high school student and enjoy what journalism is all about, one of my recommendations for you to do is to plan a summer project, create a deadline and by all means, publish it on your blog and social media after editing your errors. This can help you tremendously by experiencing what it’s like to work under a certain amount of pressure that a journalist has to endure when working in their field. It also gives you an understanding of how time-consuming projects and assignments are, especially if the deadline has to be met within a few days.

All in all, summer projects will help you step on the ladder with one foot at a time. For example, if you enjoy taking pictures of different places you travel to, create a photo book. One of the websites where you can create a photography magazine or book is MagCloud. It’s also another part of experience you can add onto your resume.



Why Do Journalists Over-Exaggerate When They Publish Articles Online?

Seriously, when I read different websites over certain subjects, such as Yahoo’s obsession of the so-called arguments happening inside the walls of Buckingham Palace, I can’t help but think that posting untrue and obnoxious stories are not worth reading and are full of drama and reactants. The articles need to be truthful, provide facts and leave your opinion out of it unless if you have a point to back up with that assumption.

Of course, it is smart to avoid websites that do not have the sources for stories over, for example, which celebrities punched each other on the red carpet this day and skip the article part and scroll down to the comment section for laughs and view different opinions.  And you can exit out of one website and move to another if you don’t like it, but these “internet journalists” need to rethink and re-write their work because over exaggerating, adding your two senses into the subject without a back-up plan and spreading rumors will not guarantee you a job for Peoples’ Magazine if you continue to publish false information without confirming with another source if a certain story is authentic or not.

I apologize for ranting on here, and I know that I am a blogger, but dishonesty and panicking in your articles intended for your readers is not professional unless you are writing a fictional storybook.

What are your opinions about journalists publishing their work on Yahoo and other news sources?

Have a great day, everyone!