Image of Tree at School:


One large tree at school.

How to Colorize Your Eyes With A Different Shade:

Hazel and Blue Eye Difference

When I first started using Photoshop years ago and in high school, I did not know how to colorize my eye color. But now, since that has changed and I am comfortable using Photoshop to color my eyes with a different shade, allow me to give you an idea on how you can change your original eye colors from hazel to blue.

Before I begin, I will provide an original and edited image. The original image includes my natural eye colors and the edited photo is where I changed my eye colors from hazel to blue.

Your instructions on how to do this are:

#1: Open up an original image showing your natural eye colors on Photoshop.
#2: Create a new layer.
#3: Select a blue color and use the “brush tool” to color your eyes.
#4: Once you have colored your eyes to a blue, change the “blending mode” from Normal to “Multiply” or “Color,” or one of those that is best suitable for your image.
#5: Save your image as a .jpg and if you want to change your eye color image from a blue color to green, save the image as a Photoshop file.

Picture-Perfection on Photoshop:

Photography is a fun hobby because you can take and re-take pictures and search for a picture perfection image you would like to share with bloggers on

When you are picture-perfecting your photo, use Photoshop to darken or lighten your photos, crop stuff that’s not relevant for the purpose of the photo, and enlarge or minimize the size of the photograph.

Make sure to save your image as a .jpeg and as a Photoshop file because if you would like to come back and edit your picture-perfection photograph, just click on Photoshop file and click on one of the “layers” to fix what you need to fix.