Ghost Hunt for The Bell Witch: Chapter 3

The three women begin their journey through the old Bell School Building in Adams for two hours. As they walked through the halls, the walls and floors are covered with dust and smog. The air conditioner turned on full blast and the chills crawl up their spines.

Anita, Diana and Rae split up to find clues pertaining to the Bell family. Memoirs, diaries and books from the late 1800’s to jump-start who and what the “entity” is. And discover any witness journals who encountered the figure, itself.

Diana walked inside the library to look for journals dating back to the late 19th Century where many locals and visitors reported in Robertson County several years after the entity haunted John Bell’s family. On a desk nearby was a dusty book titled, “A Haunted Secret on Bell Property,” written by the late Professor Richard Powell. Powell was Betsy’s teacher and husband. He recorded many of the events occurred at the house, describing the strange knocks on the door and Betsy being thrown across the room in thin air with no ghost in sight.

Diana reads as the opening statement in the book follows: “On a dreary night in November 1817, it hasn’t dawned upon me yet as to how powerful the entity surrounding the Bell property is. We are unsure what it is and where it came from nor its main purpose to which it has not finished what they started on this Earth. When it departed, the soul began its taunting and torturing among those they despised the most. And it happened to be John Bell, Sr, the family patriarch.” She grabbed the book and took it with her before the security guard dashed across the school halls with his high beam flashlight. Rae and Anita ran down the hall and out the front door leaving Diana inside for an extra five minutes.

Five minutes have passed and all three of the college women reunited in the parking lot and left the premises before the security guard finds them trespassing on private property.

High School Journalists: Create a FB Page

This post is a continuation of the previous post that was published earlier today, which pertains to high school journalism students who are interested in having their work shown to the world, online. 

Another activity you can do, no matter if you are in school or taking a summer break is…

Create a Facebook Page where you can publish your written work or the photographs you’ve taken at certain events/places. This can also be placed on your resume and shown to that one individual who interviews you when looking for a certain place to work, after receiving your Bachelor’s Degree from college. It’s important to receive and have experience under your belt because that is what will help you get a job in the real world. Not just a diploma from high school with some experience, but college experience as well (internships, practicums, etc). 




High School Journalists: Create A Blog

High school is a place where opportunities are given: through determination and with the help of students collaborating together to finish their assigned deadlines before the school year ends. For high school journalism students, here is one activity you can do when you are in school or out for the summer.

You can…

Create a blog and publish your work, which will give you the experience that can be added onto your resume. However, you must post on a daily basis or you will not receive any responses nor likes. It’s great to receive feedback because it helps you grow as a blogger and as a journalist.

Selecting Your College & Major:

Months before you graduate from high school and plan to attend college, ask yourself, “What college do I want to attend and what college has a wide variety of majors I can choose from without struggling to pick one that might not be as beneficial and useless?” Research your top colleges you think could grant your requests. After you take the ACT as many times as you can to receive a higher score, send them to those universities and wait for their responses. If they all reply to your scores and accept you, congratulations. If one or two of them don’t, do not panic because you can and will be accepted. ACT tests might matter, but your high school GPA is how you can also get into college. The point of this blog post is to find your passion and choose your university choice wisely. You can reach for the stars as much as every student who has and currently are going to college.