Positive Thoughts For First-Time Parenting Hardships:

Parents carry a long list of responsibilities while working full-time jobs. Having a baby takes a toll on finances and another bill to add on the list.

However, the reward of being a parent comes with working hard to provide, nurture and instill values your children will adapt to once they hit school age. They will be influenced by pastors, teachers, classmates and other peers they seek outside of the home. Always give them your time away from technological devices because they will remember how you shaped their futures.

Becoming a parent for the first-time is a struggle because you are looking for a list of daycares convenient and affordable for your child on top of working a full-time job to provide a roof over their heads and balancing a budget to keep afloat.

No matter how easy parenting appears to others, all parents endure all forms of hardships. From God’s Grace and blessings to all, let us keep a positive attitude no matter the amount of hurdles we jump through to accomplish and guide our children throughout this life.

“When Love is Not Enough”: 2010 TV Film Review Part 2

Portrayed by Barry Pepper and Winona Ryder, their characters were on the brink of divorce as the alcohol consumption affected their loved ones and job opportunities.

Alcohol which ran rampant among Bill Wilson, his coworkers and Lois’s closest confidantes, she begged the question as to whether if her husband truly loved her enough to stop his drinking in time to save the marriage or leave to fend for himself.

The dedication, patience and love she had for her husband speaks volumes about Lois Wilson. She was a faithful wife, defending Bill even though she knew about his social drinking issues and the possible outcome of becoming homeless if he did not hit rock bottom.

A powerful message we all can grasp from this story is to help those you love the most. But when they do not have the willpower to push forward, take a few leaps back and let them struggle until they bounce back after hitting rock bottom. It takes more than tough love to demonstrate that life is not easy breezy and with their actions have consequences. Love can turn into resentment at an instant rate if you give up quickly. It’s better to take a few step back and let that individual endure hardships that can either make or break them. However, with your trust and patience, your bond for one another can grow stronger.