Ghost Hunt for The Bell Witch: Chapter 3

The three women begin their journey through the old Bell School Building in Adams for two hours. As they walked through the halls, the walls and floors are covered with dust and smog. The air conditioner turned on full blast and the chills crawl up their spines.

Anita, Diana and Rae split up to find clues pertaining to the Bell family. Memoirs, diaries and books from the late 1800’s to jump-start who and what the “entity” is. And discover any witness journals who encountered the figure, itself.

Diana walked inside the library to look for journals dating back to the late 19th Century where many locals and visitors reported in Robertson County several years after the entity haunted John Bell’s family. On a desk nearby was a dusty book titled, “A Haunted Secret on Bell Property,” written by the late Professor Richard Powell. Powell was Betsy’s teacher and husband. He recorded many of the events occurred at the house, describing the strange knocks on the door and Betsy being thrown across the room in thin air with no ghost in sight.

Diana reads as the opening statement in the book follows: “On a dreary night in November 1817, it hasn’t dawned upon me yet as to how powerful the entity surrounding the Bell property is. We are unsure what it is and where it came from nor its main purpose to which it has not finished what they started on this Earth. When it departed, the soul began its taunting and torturing among those they despised the most. And it happened to be John Bell, Sr, the family patriarch.” She grabbed the book and took it with her before the security guard dashed across the school halls with his high beam flashlight. Rae and Anita ran down the hall and out the front door leaving Diana inside for an extra five minutes.

Five minutes have passed and all three of the college women reunited in the parking lot and left the premises before the security guard finds them trespassing on private property.

Ghost Hunt for The Bell Witch: Chapter 2

As the men drive to the cave, the women stay at the hotel to interview guests and employees who had the experience visiting the Bell Witch cave in Adams.

John, Joseph and Arnold arrive within 10 minutes and approached an older gentleman who now owns the Bell property. The older man asks, “What do y’all want?” Without hesitation, Joseph said that they would like to purchase a ticket to visit the Bell Witch Cave. “Sorry, can’t do that now,” said the owner. “Sir, we are here for a college assignment. We will not create any problems and will be out of your hair within the next hour.” “Well, you will have to come back within an hour since we are fully booked at the moment. Y’all fellows should have booked an appointment with us online. For today, however, I will make an exception.” The men waited for an hour until a new group of tourists arrive to which they joined together.

Inside the cave was an empty grave where an Indian child was buried. They made a wish at the well when entering the cave to hope they undergo paranormal activity. They will report what they sensed and heard from the echoing chambers among the Bell property.

Entering the cave was a straight narrow path which lead to its expansion where an unmarked grave was located and an empty black hole above the ceiling with shadows appearing out of the blue. Arnold looked above and snapped a photograph to underline what the shapes and colors in the orbs symbolized.

“I found something unusual in this picture,” Arnold said. Joseph and John walked over and asked, “What does it look like?” “That rock straight ahead has the face of a witch and the orb has a young woman bending down and covering her face. We are unsure who it could be. Perhaps Betsy Bell.”

Joseph recorded strange sounds with a voice recorder and on there was a woman’s voice shouting “You have been warned! GET OUT OF HERE NOW BEFORE YOU ARE TRAPPED INSIDE FOREVER!” The tour inside the cave was complete and they interviewed other tourists who have experienced any sensation from visiting the cave. The day has been covered and on their way back to the hotel to record one of their first experiences from the Bell home and cave.

Tips for Aspiring Creative Writers:

For individuals who aspire to become creative writers, it is essential to have the visual and storytelling components because most readers don’t just simply read the story. Pictures and drawings bring the stories to life.

Here are some tips for aspiring creative writers:

  1. Balance your story with drawings/photographs.
  2. Organize your story with many details.
  3. Create a summary to get started.
  4. Determine if the story will be fictional/non-fictional.
  5. Will the story contain a rhythm pattern?
  6. Revise your work until you are ready for publishing.

Examples of these are:

Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool & Rule Academy:

The last part of the story was written in part o, where Daisy leaves the Academy and returns home with her owners. So far, I have begun re-touching the first part of the story because the entire story is lengthy and it has been going alright. The words will need to be rephrased as well because this is meant to be a fictional story for children and on top of that, pictures will be included.

The first part I need to complete is to re-write the story. Make it shorter and more appealing to the audience.

The second part is adding photographs to the book. Pictures also keep children interested in the story.

Lastly, the book and pages will have to be combined into two separate pages, which will take lots of time and corrections before it is published.

Writing a Short Story part O-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

It’s her final day at the mansion and she gathers around everyone to say her final goodbyes before heading home. Her items were packed in a pink suitcase and her blankets with a pillow were placed in a yellow duffel bag. At once, Daisy has recovered well with her broken leg but is saddened to see everyone else stay behind while she has to go home with her owners.

She admits that even though she got hit by a truck which was a painful experience she will never forget, she does not regret coming to the mansion and recuperate in a different environment where she felt safe, pampered and making friends that will last a lifetime. “Goodbye Iceman,” Daisy said before exiting the Academy. Iceman ran up, gave her a hug and handed her his phone number. Foxy also did the same thing and so did everyone else.

Her owners didn’t have to pay due to the truck driver being sincere, generous and paid all of their vet expenses. As she departed Dogs Drool and Rule Academy, she turned around, barked at her friends and was on her journey back to Bridgetown, Tennessee to live and lead a happy life.

The End


Writing a Short Story part N-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

It’s one more week before Daisy gets to leave and she is having the best time of her life at the Academy. She’s made friends with the other animals who are also recovering from injuries they endured and she also befriended the staff. On top of that, her broken leg is almost healed to the point where she will have her cast removed next Monday.

Daisy teared up because she is leaving the mansion soon and wants to enjoy her time as much as she can without time flying by on a constant basis. It was six at night and she had dinner with her roommates. They all had a conversation about their reasons for arriving at the mansion and why some of them have to stay there for a little bit longer than others. It depends on how bad your injury is and where it is located at, on the body.

Writing a Short Story part M-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

Two weeks flew by quickly and Daisy is healing at a stable rate. She is receiving physical therapy three times a week and playing sports outside with her buddies. Her leg is still hurting, but she is continuing to take her pain medicine on time. Since she has been at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy for over two weeks, she has been treated by the staff like a queen and has been humble to everyone around her.

Her experience, overall, has been satisfactory and will recommend it when she comes back home to see her brothers and sisters if they ever became injured. The vets spoil the injured animals and physical therapists help them gain their strength back: through determination and with a positive attitude.



Writing a Short Story part L-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

After Foxy hit the ball, two more players came up to the mound and tried to score some runs. Unfortunately, they struck out and the other team scored more runs in, concluding that they won the game for the day. After softball, the dogs and cats ran back into the mansion to watch television for one hour before going to physical therapy.

During physical therapy, the doctor asked Daisy what caused her injury and she explained to him that a truck driver ran over her leg and it broke instantly. The doctor stretched her leg out twice, as well as giving her some pain medicine before going to bed. Later that night, Daisy ate her meal, took her pain medicine and fell asleep within thirty minutes.

Writing a Short Story part K-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

Daisy’s now up to bat and ready to hit the ball over the fence. As she stepped up to the mound, the pitcher from the other team threw a curve ball and she hit it to right field. She ran as fast as she could and made it to second base. One point earned by Iceman and the next player up to score is Foxy, a Pomeranian who also came from Bridgetown, Tennessee. Foxy came to the mansion because she had seizures and the only place affordable for her owners to take her was at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy.

Foxy stood at the mound, grabbed her bat and looked towards the pitcher. As soon as the ball came towards her, she hit it and it went over the fence. Both teams were tied and the amount of points they were allowed to reach that day was 10.

Writing a Short Story part J-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

The first group up to bat scored three runs and one player struck out. The next two players hit the ball, but were caught by Daisy’s teammates. Now her team is up to the plate and ready to score some runs. The first member walking up and ready to hit the ball is Bullet, a Shih Tzu Pomeranian from Walker County, Tennessee. Bullet came to Dogs Drool & Rule Academy due to his back legs being ran over by a pickup truck and it was the closest place where he can recover quickly while his owners are away on business for one month. He has been at the mansion for three weeks now and his legs are healing at a steady rate. Due to his back legs being in casts, he will need to have one of his pals run for him. Daisy stepped up and volunteered to run for him while he hits the ball with his front paws.

Unfortunately, Bullet struck out and as a result, Daisy didn’t run for him. One player out, two more to go. Iceman, another team member, practiced his swing before running up the plate. On the first pitch, he hit the ball to left field and made it to third base because one of the players on the other team was struggling to pick up the ball and throw it to short stop.