Seasonal Kickers to Match Your Captions:

Here are some seasonal kickers to create and match your captions if you are writing stories about the four seasons all year-long:


  1. Heat Up The Stat:
  2. Light Up A Match & Cuddle Up:


  1. Down the Temp to which Has Risen:
  2. Humidity Rise as Storms Bruise through Town:


  1. A Time to Bloom and Zoom Through:
  2. Time Zones from Dusk to Dawn:


  1. Red Formation Falling Over:
  2. Orange is the Signature Color:

Welcome Fall At Last:

When I come home, I unpack my items and place them in my room. After unpacking and socializing with my grandmother, I walk outside and see the cats and dogs. Today has been a great and beautiful day because the weather is cooling down and fall is in the air. The weather is perfect; not too cold and not too hot. The beauty of fall is soon to become a reality.

What’s your favorite season of the year?