Editing The View of a Lake on Photoshop:



  1. Zoom in on the image to 37%
  2. Decide what should we focus on first: the exposure, lighting, color or balance
  3. Focus on the color and give each three components within that area a percentage to prevent overexposure
  4. Second aspect is the exposure which has an even level of lightness and darkness
  5. Lighting is our final process for this photo and we used three enhancement levels to darken the water and sky

How to Write a Movie Report:

Similar to a book report you write in school, movie reports entail the essential parts beyond the film’s summary. In other words, you write about the main characters, their roles and the life lessons an audience can take from the film, itself. You gather notes from the book, compare and contrast the story-line to the film.

Here are examples of a book report:

  1. What is the book’s story-line?
  2. Who are the main characters?
  3. Who is the protagonist?
  4. Who is the antagonist?
  5. What have you learned from the book?

Here are examples of a movie report:

  • Write the film’s synopsis with 32 words or less.
  • Name & Describe the characters.
  • What are the main characters’ purposes in the film?
  • What are the similarities and differences between the film & book versions?
  • Overall conclusion about the life lessons audiences can gather from the film.

To Middle School Journalists: How to Write a Local Newspaper Report

If you are attending middle school and plan to become a newspaper reporter one day, here is an example of how to write a local newspaper report:

First Paragraph (19-34 words)–> What Happened: On January 7th, there was a robbery at a local Mapco gas station off of Main Street in East Nashville, Tennessee .

Second Paragraph–> How it happened & Who Spoke: According to an eyewitness, the suspect pulled up at a gas pump in a 2012 Ford Explorer around 8:45 p.m. and walked inside, demanding┬áthe cashier to open the register till and give him $100 immediately.

Third Paragraph–> Description of Where & What The Suspect Did: The witness mentioned that the cashier remained calm and opened the register as quickly as possible before the suspect departed the store with cash in hand. A video of the robbery was recorded, along with the name of the vehicle and license plate the suspect had driven.

Last Paragraph–>Contact Information: The Metro Police Department in Nashville did not catch the suspect in time. However, they offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who knows where the suspect is located. If anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts, contact the Metro Police Department at 615-***-****.

If you are interested in blogging and would love to create scenarios which can help you improve your writing abilities, please do so in order to understand why journalists have to report these news in a certain order.