First Half of Sophomore Year Ending & Advice to High School Seniors:

In a couple of weeks, half of my sophomore year in college will be ending and Christmas Break takes place for one month. It just amazes me how time flew by this year, in 2013. From walking fast to the library and writing a five paged research paper over photojournalism to completing assignments and quizzes online and studying for tests, it seems as if I worked a bit harder this semester, rather than last year. I was and still am procrastinating, but not as bad this year, unlike my freshman year where I did not study as I should have and barely passed my Geology class with a “D” average.

My best advice to high school seniors who plan to attend college: College will fly by fast. Make sure to not procrastinate until the last-minute. Ask your professor for help when you struggle in their class. College is not a joke; it is fast paced and you need to make sure that you attend every class.

Selecting Your College & Major:

Months before you graduate from high school and plan to attend college, ask yourself, “What college do I want to attend and what college has a wide variety of majors I can choose from without struggling to pick one that might not be as beneficial and useless?” Research your top colleges you think could grant your requests. After you take the ACT as many times as you can to receive a higher score, send them to those universities and wait for their responses. If they all reply to your scores and accept you, congratulations. If one or two of them don’t, do not panic because you can and will be accepted. ACT tests might matter, but your high school GPA is how you can also get into college. The point of this blog post is to find your passion and choose your university choice wisely. You can reach for the stars as much as every student who has and currently are going to college.