Writing a Short Story part G-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

“Dinnertime has been announced and stomachs began to rumble. They walked through the kitchen, sniffing and staring at the delicious appetizer they will chow down tonight. Daisy, on the other hand, was not hungry and felt that she was ready to hit the sack for the night. One of the staff members became concerned and walked over to identify the reason why Daisy chose to crawl in bed before the other dogs. She wasn’t going to budge and quickly fell asleep. As the sun had risen at 6 a.m, the staff and dogs woke up early, go for a morning walk at a nearby lake in Malibu and eat lunch when they come back from their first physical activity of the day. Daisy went as well and enjoyed herself quite a bit. She felt the breeze from the wind blowing from the lake and sat under the tree for shade and walked on the sand to cool her feet that were overheating from the concrete road. The animals arrived back at the mansion, sat down to eat their lunch in front of the television and waited thirty minutes before participating in another activity pertaining to communication between the dogs and staff.”

Writing a Short Story part F- Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

“The workers walked into the living room and announced, ‘Hello everyone, you can now walk outside and play Frisbee for fifteen minutes. Physical exercise is important for your health and helps you recover quickly. Come on out, now!’ Everyone ran outside and each of the staff members held a Frisbee with their names on it. Daisy’s name was called and told her to run like the wind in order to grab the flying object from her mouth and give it back to the person who threw it to her in the first place. For fifteen short minutes, the only physical exercise of the day was the Frisbee flying from one dog to another dog.”

Writing a Short Story part E-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy: Introduction to Character 1-Iceman

“A Persian cat walked up to Daisy and introduced himself. ‘Hi, I am Iceman and I’ve been here for over one month due to a car that hit me while I was crossing the road,  which caused me to have both broken legs. I hope you enjoy your stay here at the academy because there are tons of fun adventures we explore throughout the mansion. In room, 21A, we play with video games while in 21B, we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. And last but not least, room 22, our bedrooms, filled with a combination of cat and dog beds, blankets, pillows, and a bathroom. This academy is a dog and cat’s dream come true, fantasy land,  peaceful environment and a fresh air full of life.’  Daisy stood there in shock and depicted Iceman’s description of the mansion.”

Writing a Short Story part D-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

” When Daisy’s owners signed a contract for her to stay and recuperate for one month, she woke up from her nap and was surrounded by cats and dogs who are staying at the academy as well, to recover from their injuries by walking outside the second week after their accident happened and interact with each other for at least 5 to 30 minutes in a tight fenced backyard.”

Writing a Short Story part C-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

“After wrapping Daisy’s leg in a cast, the staff picked her up, walked to a nearby room and placed her on a dog bed and closed the door. Mr and Mrs. Bell sat down with the staff in the living room, filled out some paper work and told them to keep a sharp eye on Daisy while she is recuperating for one month at the academy. Not only will she rest, but there will be days she will go walking in the backyard with the other dogs and befriend one another.”

Writing a Short Story part B-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

Continuation of the story…

“On their way to the Academy, Daisy sat in the back seat for an hour and whimpered until the Bells pulled over and grabbed their emergency kit and wrapped bandage around her leg. Still crying, they got back inside the vehicle and drove until they arrived to Dogs Drool and Rule Academy, stopping the car at the nearest entrance and run inside, yelling, ‘We need help. Our dog, Daisy was hit by a Ford pickup truck and broke her leg.’ The staff used a stretcher and ran to her aid immediately. They placed Daisy on the stretcher and rolled her into a room to examine what bone she broke and placed a cast on her leg.”

Writing a Short Story part A-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

I have never written a book before, but I do have a story hoping that it can be finished and published one day.  Before you write a book, start off with writing your first short story, in which I will begin with in quotation marks.

“One evening, Daisy’s parents-Joe and Josephine Bell, a young couple from Bridgetown, Tennessee, was on their way to visit relatives in another state until Daisy jumped out of the car at a gas station and was immediately hit by a blue Ford pickup truck. The truck driver stopped, put the vehicle in park and ran over to see if the dog was injured in any way. The couple were in shock, as well as Daisy, who only suffered a broken leg. The driver responsible for hitting her offered to pay for the vet bills, and offered them another suggestion: ‘There’s this place, located in Malibu, TN named “Dogs Drool and Rule Academy.” If you would like, I can give you directions to their address. They are trained vets living in a mansion, where dogs can stay until they made full recovery.’ Mr. and Mrs. Bell took the driver’s advice and told him politely not to pay for the bills.”


Bullet Posing For The Picture:

Bullet Posing For The Picture:

About an hour ago, I kept calling Bullet to look over so I can take a picture of him. I finally did receive his attention when I asked him if he wanted to go outside and that is when he turned and posed for the camera for a short length of time.

Cat And Dog Escapades:

Iceman and Daisy August 31 2013

Ice-man (right) and Daisy (left), were out on the back porch and having a great time “socializing” with each other. As Ice-man grabbed a hold of Daisy and started kissing, kicking and sort of clawing her, Daisy walked away from him.

Of course, as she walked back over to my mom, Ice-man tried to grab Daisy again, but unfortunately, she was distracted by a dog’s bark from next door. Cats and dogs love each other.

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Dogs Are Nothing But A Family’s Best Friend:

Dogs Collage

With three inside dogs and one who walks in and out daily, Daisy May, Maggie, Bullet and Foxy enjoy walking on the back porch with me and barking when they hear someone pull into the driveway or a lawn mower cutting the grass.

Bullet, a Shih-Tzu Pomeranian, likes to sit inside the solarium, viewing the front yard and watching television. When he wants to use the restroom outside or eat dog food, he walks over, staring at me for at least one minute or so. Bullet also stares when he is striving to receive attention. Usually, he stays quiet unless the others start barking.

Maggie, on the other hand, is a Maltese-Yorkie, who loves to dominate Foxy and chase Daisy May when she goes outside with Bullet. She keeps everyone alert, whether if someone is walking up to the house or if she sees the neighbors exercising up and down the road.

Daisy is an inside and outside dog, who follows mom and I when we take our walks in the evening time, running into at least, two male dogs. Her buddy, Chicago, walks a few houses away to come visit Daisy and of course, to receive and devour food. Every time I chant “Where’s Chicago,” Daisy and the other dogs begin to bark and run to the door, wondering where her best friend, Chicago, is.

Foxy is a Pomeranian, who loves to spill the dog food on the floor a few minutes after I poured the food into the bowl. As usual, when Foxy runs to the back porch and hears random noises, my grandmother is talking on the phone, and it is hard to hear when Foxy and the others bark out loud.

Dogs in this family are nothing but worth a family’s best friend. Even though dogs cannot talk, they still have feelings and love to be comforted by everyone.