Writing a Short Story part H-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

“One week flew by and Daisy has become accustomed to the mansion’s daily routines, consisting of interaction, participation, keeping everyone’s bellies full, to enjoy living a luxurious lifestyle for one month and meet new friends from different sections held within the mansion. She has met Iceman, a Persian cat whose suffered from two broken legs due to crossing a road without looking both ways and the vehicle which sped in his neighborhood, did not slow down as he walked underneath the car and had both of his legs crushed. He was immediately rushed to the mansion where the professional vets examined what bones in his hind legs were broken and soon placed it into two casts. At the moment, Iceman is in physical therapy and does everything in his power to walk off the pain in order to have the casts removed soon and begin to walk independently again.”

Meet Maggie: A Maltese-Yorkshire Dog

Maggie in November 2012

Meet Maggie: Maggie is a Maltese-Yorkshire who loves to be the boss of the house and play with my other dog Daisy when she wants to be noticed. Of course, she barks at strangers who are walking on the road, and I know for a fact that Maggie tends to become overprotective of her “Mom” frequently.

Maggie is full of energy and full of life. She thrives for attention and she usually receives attention from me when I come home and throw a ball to her downstairs to run and bring it back up to me.

Even though Maggie becomes jealous of the other dogs from time to time, she is still Maggie and one of the best dogs to raise in your home for protection.