Attend Events To Blog About:

Previously, I wrote a post about blogging events and finding new material. However, I never dived into the subject of events I plan to attend for blogging and experience purposes. In April, I will be attending a Matthew Morrison concert in Nashville and write about going to a concert all by myself. The second event is to the Walker Stalker Convention in June. I’ve never been there, but am a fan of the Walking Dead show. Being a college student who’s able to experience a lot of opportunities to meet people on campus but went to very little events makes me regret it because it will help me expand my horizons and connect with people.

Today, I will be attending an event on campus regarding the “Not My President” protest against Trump. Protests are not always a good idea to go to because it can become violent in a heartbeat, but in order to be a journalist, it’s best to stay professional and focus on the message this rally is spreading and sending to the younger generations. And how¬†will voting privileges affect the nation from years to come & go.