Need Experience Under Your Belt? Reach & Snatch for More Opportunities at Hand:

No matter what grade level you are in at this point, if you need to grab more journalism experience under your belt, reach and snatch for more opportunities as quick as you can. Do not expect the opportunities to come your way. Relying on luck and family connections do not guarantee you instant opportunities. You must have previous experience in journalism (writing & reporting news, photography and video skills) to continue.

In all honesty, if you want to be a journalist but are introverted, communication is key. Work in retail for a few years and you will learn how to associate with customers, coworkers and your supervisors. The reason for retail? Because it will help you enhance your ability to speak with the public.  Here are some opportunities you can snatch while on summer break:

  1. Attend concerts and conventions where you will meet famous people. Interview them about their work and you will get an idea what they are about.  Blog about your experiences and what you have learned from attending these events.
  2. Partake in extracurricular activities at your school. For example, join the newspaper and yearbook committees. Learn about these clubs and how they communicate with teachers and students differently.
  3. Make sure you go the extra mile and intern at a local newspaper where you will write stories, snap photographs and deliver newspapers.
  4. Lastly, when you find a story in your hometown that was not covered, jump on it immediately and begin the interview process after gathering information in regards to what the story is about. Write your story, edit it and you can do one or two things with this story (A: Ask your local newspaper if you can publish an article) or (B: Blog about the story before anyone else publishes it).

Communicating With Bloggers is Crucial:

Connecting with other bloggers is crucial because you will learn that you share the same hobbies as they do. Not to mention, but it will help you grow as a blogger by asking them, commenting on their websites about the most important information regarding what your hobby is, how your hobby work can improve significantly and how you will grow connections.

Advice is given on these blogs for many reasons. And if you don’t listen to both sides (you and another blogger), things won’t turn out well in the long run. As a journalism student, it is essential to listen to both sides of a story, gather information, avoid your biased view and put in your hardest effort to communicate regardless if you disagree with one’s opinion.

The moral of this blog post is that if you don’t start connecting and communicating with others now, it might be too late because you didn’t listen to what was vital.


Interaction with other Bloggers:

Creating a blog is easy and is a useful tool to help you climb to the top of the writing pole. But it’s not just about writing your blog posts and completing your assignments for the day, it’s how you interact with other bloggers that will help you gain experience and learn how to connect with others, globally.

Connecting with other bloggers on the Internet will give you an insight as to how far you will go when you communicate with them. In other words, you will learn what they know and grow from there. Definitely take some time and communicate with them because it will help you in the long run and you can grow an audience just as much as they have, though blogging shouldn’t be about competition. Instead, it should be about learning what you know, the amount of advice you’ve received from other bloggers and build your connections from there and onward.