Re-Write Post on: Anticipating from Photography Course

Older Post: Anticipate Photo Course

New Version:

“The new semester begun and I am taking my first photography course in college. My assignment for the week entailed: purchasing a Canon Power Shot SX 170 camera with a memory card and tripod. Unfortunately, the camera cannot fit due to its small size.

The cost to buy supplies for any college courses are off the Richter Scale, expensive wise. When I ask myself “What will I learn from this class,” I have to understand the fundamental basics of photography, adapt to the camera and use Adobe Photoshop which will enrich my photos on a professional level.

And I will learn about unknown professional photographers who built their careers through an enormous amount of training, practice and receiving constructive critique in order to become successful in the industry of arts. Those topics are what I will be learning this semester. I am excited about being educated based upon the elements of photography and the passion to which photographers strive for capturing the essence and beauty of life.”

Selecting Your College & Major:

Months before you graduate from high school and plan to attend college, ask yourself, “What college do I want to attend and what college has a wide variety of majors I can choose from without struggling to pick one that might not be as beneficial and useless?” Research your top colleges you think could grant your requests. After you take the ACT as many times as you can to receive a higher score, send them to those universities and wait for their responses. If they all reply to your scores and accept you, congratulations. If one or two of them don’t, do not panic because you can and will be accepted. ACT tests might matter, but your high school GPA is how you can also get into college. The point of this blog post is to find your passion and choose your university choice wisely. You can reach for the stars as much as every student who has and currently are going to college.

Back In The Dorm: Ready For A New School Year

Today, I moved back in the dorms, folding and placing my clothes inside the dresser drawers as well as making my lofted bed smaller and putting school supplies on the desk drawers.

It is a beautiful day outside and tons of cars are pulling in and out, trying to find a parking spot near their student’s dormitory. Quite hot outside, actually, the returning students hand out bottles of water and volunteer to help others carry a refrigerator and microwave inside the building.

I am back in the dorm and ready to put on my nerd glasses and blast into the upcoming school year with fun and excitement. I am back in action for the best way possible and love to learn as much as I can learn and do the best to my abilities.

How ready and prepared are you for college (if college students)?

Taking A Homework/Studying Break And Exercising:

Living far away from home while attending college can be tough at first, especially for the incoming freshman college students who will expect the unexpected: The Freshman Fifteen. Even though this is sometimes true and sometimes not accurate, exercising is one of the best habits to get into.

Of course, there are other great places to eat on campus and that stressful day from tons of homework and studying, but if you walk out of your dorm and go run or walk for at least twice a day, you will be in great shape. Also eating at the cafeteria, consuming your fruits and vegetables is a great way to start off in your first year of college.

Before I finished my freshman year, I began walking around campus in the evening time at least once or twice a day. Although I had eaten tons of Papa John’s cheese pizza and ate very little to no vegetables, I tried to walk off what I have already eaten.

Exercise relieves stress and tension you will have while attending college. I know because I have been there, done that and about to come back again for my second year.

What is freshman fifteen you ask? Freshman Fifteen is a rumor where you will supposedly gain fifteen pounds your freshman year. Of course, I happened to gain at least 15 to 20 pounds, but on Christmas Break, I lost five pounds and I am trying to prevent the five to six pounds coming back. I plan to lose more.

My goal for the upcoming semester is to lose about 40 pounds and eat more vegetables. If anyone can do it, you can do it. Stay strong because you are adjusting to a new environment. Don’t let the college work load stress you out.