Communicating With Bloggers is Crucial:

Connecting with other bloggers is crucial because you will learn that you share the same hobbies as they do. Not to mention, but it will help you grow as a blogger by asking them, commenting on their websites about the most important information regarding what your hobby is, how your hobby work can improve significantly and how you will grow connections.

Advice is given on these blogs for many reasons. And if you don’t listen to both sides (you and another blogger), things won’t turn out well in the long run. As a journalism student, it is essential to listen to both sides of a story, gather information, avoid your biased view and put in your hardest effort to communicate regardless if you disagree with one’s opinion.

The moral of this blog post is that if you don’t start connecting and communicating with others now, it might be too late because you didn’t listen to what was vital.


Blogging is Expressive:

Blogging is not always meant for writers to use. But, it is also used to be expressive in creative ways. For example, photographers and artists blogging their work. Through their photographs and paintings, they express who they are and what they enjoy doing because it helps them relax. It gives them a fresh and peaceful mind while straying away from things that will distract and throw them off-balance.

Blogging is not just expressive because it represents what you enjoy doing in your free time, but it rather signifies who you are internally and the amount of strength you show.  In other words, what strong skills you carry.

Yearbook And Blogging:Differences and Similarities: Part 1

Yearbook and blogging might be two different projects you are doing as an extracurricular activity and hobby, but there are some similarities and differences between the two:


  •  Deadlines: The adviser and editor-in-chief create deadlines for the staff because it takes one whole year to make a yearbook from front to back. As for blogging, you can choose when to publish your own work without being rushed by staff members and not follow through with a theme. In other words, you can post random ideas and subjects on your website without being hounded by your adviser and editor-in-chief unless you are working for a certain company that chooses different themes on a weekly basis. 
  • After you fill out a yearbook position application, you have to wait a little while before hearing back from the adviser. Unlike being on a yearbook staff, you can simply create your own website and create mini-projects, instantly. 


  • Deadlines: You create deadlines to post certain topics pertaining to real world experience. And you also have deadlines to meet your goal by getting the work done, edited and published for certain companies.


  • Selecting Subjects to Discuss: Whether if you are interviewing students for a certain page in the yearbook or asking a relative about something from their past, you are publishing topics for the world to read and comment. In other words, your work can be influenced negatively nor positively, depending on what you published, how you interviewed someone and the words you have carefully selected. 
  • Creativity-You are free to be as creative as long as you know what to do and remembering your purpose of doing that certain project. For example, photojournalism: interviewing and photographing your subject for a specific blog post that you think is the most important for others to read for a certain reason. In other words, how does this subject affect my daily life? Or, how is this person a positive role model for everyone? Dig down to the creativity ditch and start on the most significant idea you have that relates to your theme. Visualize your plan and follow through. 

Picture-Perfection on Photoshop:

Photography is a fun hobby because you can take and re-take pictures and search for a picture perfection image you would like to share with bloggers on

When you are picture-perfecting your photo, use Photoshop to darken or lighten your photos, crop stuff that’s not relevant for the purpose of the photo, and enlarge or minimize the size of the photograph.

Make sure to save your image as a .jpeg and as a Photoshop file because if you would like to come back and edit your picture-perfection photograph, just click on Photoshop file and click on one of the “layers” to fix what you need to fix.

Do Not Show Fear of Your Writing Skills:

When I was in middle school, I was terrible at writing, even though I loved to do it as my favorite activity. I admit that I was horrible at using punctuation correctly and adding words in sentences that did not make sense. Little did I know that I would become a blogger and share this with other bloggers. Honestly, in my mind, I thought I was a writer, but in actuality, I was not much of one due to plenty of errors on my written assignments I encountered throughout my years of middle school and high school. Even though I was shy to ask for help, I went to college and my writing skills improved when I asked my English professor for help, although I continue to see some mistakes in my papers when I read aloud.

The point being is: do not be afraid to show how you write. Yes, criticism can hurt, but if you accept constructive feedback from your friends, family, bloggers and professors, you will be able to step up your game and enhance your writing capabilities. Don’t be afraid to seek out for help because that is what teachers and professionals within the subject are there for.

Re-Reading And Correcting Blog Post Before Publishing:

In order to write a blog post that others will be interested to read, make sure the content you are writing about is readable, suitable and compelling for your audiences. Somewhere in the beginning, announce what you are writing about in your blog because if you don’t have a beginning, middle or end, the bloggers will not understand what you are writing about and they will lose interest. Read and re-read before you publish your post. Add something in the post that might catch the readers’ attentions, whether if it is a funny quote from a movie or a phrase that relates to your subject. Correcting your post of the day will make a difference to you and your audience.

What do you usually do before you publish a post?

Enjoying Life As A College Student And Blogger:

Even though I am a shy individual with hopes and dreams to become a journalist one day, what I am planning to learn from this blogging experience is to excel in my writing skills and use immense vocabulary words. And I hope to be one day a fiction writer and a journalist because I love writing in general.

I enjoy life as a college student, blogger and everything in between.

What are your hopes and dreams as a blogger? What do you hope to accomplish from this experience as a blogger?

40th Blog Post In September, 2013:

I can’t believe that this is my fortieth blog post today. It seems like yesterday I signed up for WordPress in late July and now it is already September 7th. Time flies by when blogging for fun. I wonder if I’ll reach my fiftieth post in October or November?

In this post, I will briefly mention that blogging is fun and for journalism majors, I encourage you to sign up for this because this is one of the best opportunities you can use to help you with your writing skills, as well as receiving feedback. Not to mention, this is one activity you can add to your resume when applying for a job.

This is number 40 and I expect to reach #50 within a couple of weeks to one month.

My Free Time At Blogging Different Topics:

Although I have classes in the morning and early afternoon times from Monday through Thursday and one early in the morning on Fridays, I still have free time to log on and publish another post of the day. Now that I am in the routine of getting up, walking to class, taking a break in between my studies and watching t.v. shows from the 1990s, I need to at least come up with an interesting topic to write on here for the night but it seems as if my ideas are running out.

From posting about my animals to writing about me attempting to cook 3 fried eggs to publishing about college education and beyond, I still wonder what other subjects are great for a blog post of the day.

What ideas do you usually try to write about in your free time?

Ending My Blogging Break And Coming Back To Write:

For the past couple of days, I have not blogged and published another post until now. Since I had a minimal break from blogging and mostly concentrating on my school work, it feels great to be back on WordPress and write my journal of the day.

Taking a break from blogging for a small amount of time was great, but I am ready and spunky enough to spring back into action and start writing my posts constantly.

How energized do you feel after taking a break from blogging and coming back to WordPress?