Ghost Hunt for the Bell Witch: Chapter 1

Arnold, John, Joseph, Diana, Anita and Rae are heading for a one week Fall Break vacation in Adams, Tennessee to investigate areas of the region where the infamous Bell Witch tormented the Bell family two hundred years ago.

“Moreover,” is a town located near the Upper Cumberland area in Tennessee where the students attend a small community college. Their professor assigned each group a haunted place to vacate during their one week fall break and write a five-paged paper about their experiences and historical research which can make or break their grades.

As the group of six broom down to Adams, they stop at a local grocery store and purchase their meals for the entire week. Diana had a strange feeling in her gut that they will experience the unknown as soon as they arrive at the hotel.

Two and a half hours later, they arrive at the hotel and settle in two rooms where three of the men gather in one room while three of the women stay together. “I have a feeling that there is a strong presence in this room,” Diana said. “It’s unclear as to who or what the presence is, but the feeling is rather unsettling.” “Oh Diana, it may be the air conditioner blasting throughout the hotel,” Rae said to reassure her. “After all, the temperature is boiling hot outside.”

Before heading off to bed, the men and women gather around to assign their tasks for the next seven days. For example, men visiting the Bell Witch cave on day two while the women stay at the hotel and collect information from the internet. On day three, women will take a trip down to the Old Bell High School while the men stay back at the hotel and write about their experiences at the cave. On the fourth day, all six of the members will drive into town to ask locals about their encounters with the Bell Witch and add it to their paperwork. Day five is heading to the cemetery where the Bell descendants were laid to rest. Day six involves editing their homework. Day seven, they conclude their proof and head back to class. Day eight, they present their project in front of the class. Day nine, their final results conclude if they passed or failed the course.

Tips for Aspiring Creative Writers:

For individuals who aspire to become creative writers, it is essential to have the visual and storytelling components because most readers don’t just simply read the story. Pictures and drawings bring the stories to life.

Here are some tips for aspiring creative writers:

  1. Balance your story with drawings/photographs.
  2. Organize your story with many details.
  3. Create a summary to get started.
  4. Determine if the story will be fictional/non-fictional.
  5. Will the story contain a rhythm pattern?
  6. Revise your work until you are ready for publishing.

Examples of these are:

Double And Triple Checking My Bell Witch Photos:

orbs in bell witch cave

After double and triple checking my “Bell Witch” photos today, I do see some odd appearances that emerged into the photos, such as orbs and a visitor inside the cave with one red eye and one white eye. I tried to use the “red eye” tool on Photoshop Cs4, but using the tool did not work for me. I know, sometimes, it takes one second to fix an image with red eyes, but unfortunately, it does not work for this photograph. Even though I previously added some photos on here, I will add two more photos on here, highlighting the area with a yellow color where the orbs are located.

Touring The Bell Witch Cave and Cabin: Worth a Sight

Welcome to Adams, TN Sign

On the early morning of October 12th, I turned off my alarm clock at 6:30, got dressed and headed out of the house with my mom and grandfather to Adams, TN where the Infamous Bell Witch is located. All three of us toured the cabin and cave and visiting both areas were interesting.

Even though I did not hear nor see the Bell Witch’s voice and appearance, it was worth a site to see. As this was my first trip to Adams, I recommend that if you are interested in the ghosts and supernatural stories, to travel to Adams and go on the cabin and cave tour.

A Common Ghost Story in TN: The Bell Witch

Ever heard about the Tennessee ghost story, “The Bell Witch?” Well, some might assume that the story is real, while others assume that it is made up. It is really unclear to say whether if the Witch is real or not. Even though I grew up and heard about this my entire life, I don’t know who to believe when it comes down to determining if the Bell Witch is a ghost story to tell at campfires or what not.

Yes, there is a town in Tennessee called Adams, where the Bell Witch story has been known since the early 1800s. This all includes a cave, the Bell property and a cemetery. The house, I believe, has been torn down many, many years ago and believe it or not, it has been said that John Bell, Sr’s first grave marker disappeared and now, there is a newer one there.

Do you believe that the Bell Witch is real or is it untrue?