Back to School Today:

It’s my first day back to school as a senior in college. I look forward to meeting my classmates and professors for this semester. Sure, it might be difficult by taking a marketing and an accounting course, but determination will help you get through it. As long as I don’t procrastinate and always do my homework ahead of time. Not to mention, purchasing textbooks before attending class for the second time which can be quite expensive at the school’s bookstore. Luckily, there is a website that you can rent at a lower price. When I have plenty of time on my hands, it’s good to walk to my two favorite places on campus: 1.) Recreation Center-where I can exercise for one hour and 2.) The library-where my homework can be completed and not have to worry about doing it at home. Since my classes are already showing online where I turn in my assignments, I have written down the majority of my assignments and quizzes that have deadlines stretching from August until the end of November, in my calendar. It’s nice to look at the syllabus before attending class and visualize what the professor will be assigning to the class.

However, to those who are going to college for the first time, have a great day and I wish you the best of luck out there. Remember though, have fun and take some free time to enjoy what your university offers. In other words, join some extracurricular activities. If you are a writer, write for your local university newspaper. Life is too short to focus on one thing at a time. Go out there and reach your goal to your highest potential. Never let opportunities slide by.

Writing a Short Story part O-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

It’s her final day at the mansion and she gathers around everyone to say her final goodbyes before heading home. Her items were packed in a pink suitcase and her blankets with a pillow were placed in a yellow duffel bag. At once, Daisy has recovered well with her broken leg but is saddened to see everyone else stay behind while she has to go home with her owners.

She admits that even though she got hit by a truck which was a painful experience she will never forget, she does not regret coming to the mansion and recuperate in a different environment where she felt safe, pampered and making friends that will last a lifetime. “Goodbye Iceman,” Daisy said before exiting the Academy. Iceman ran up, gave her a hug and handed her his phone number. Foxy also did the same thing and so did everyone else.

Her owners didn’t have to pay due to the truck driver being sincere, generous and paid all of their vet expenses. As she departed Dogs Drool and Rule Academy, she turned around, barked at her friends and was on her journey back to Bridgetown, Tennessee to live and lead a happy life.

The End


Traffic Light Method for Journalism Students:

After writing my previous blog post relating to the differences and similarities between blogging and yearbook, there was a method I thought of pertaining to those who are deadline driven.

Of course, you know it can be difficult to finish your work and meet a deadline on time unless you work very hard to make sure you have no errors, misspellings and improper punctuation usage. Here is a method for students who are interested in journalism to think about:

Green Light:

  • When you have corrected your mistakes that were circled or underlined, print off a new copy of your corrected page and hand it in to the editor-in-chief. If no errors were found, you receive the “green light” and are ready to move onto your next assignment.

Yellow Light:

  • The yellow light means that there were some errors that have been spotted, but will be corrected by the staff to make sure that your page will be published on time.

Red Light:

  • Your deadline will have to be missed at least a few days because there were lots of mistakes noticed by the staff. For example, kicker titles. They may not match the theme to your yearbook. Or, the division page story has one too many grammatical errors and name misspellings.

Yearbook and Blogging: Differences and Similarities: Part 2

To continue from last week’s previous blog post pertaining to the differences and similarities between being on a yearbook staff vs blogging.


  • Hobby-what you do in your own free time. No deadlines, being your own boss and enjoying your work without it being criticized for not being perfect. 
  • Extracurricular Activity-working on everyone else’s time. You are under pressure by multitasking. For example, editing your assigned yearbook page for sports and still expected to go out and interview someone else who will be in a different section of the yearbook. You will have to redo your work until everyone revises and receives the “green light” from the yearbook adviser and editor-in-chief. 


  • Blogging can also be deadline driven if you work for a journalism company and use a blog to publish your work. 
  • These assigned posts/pages can or usually are planned out ahead of time but still not be published until after the deadline where you edit and hand in your work three to four times. 

Yearbook And Blogging:Differences and Similarities: Part 1

Yearbook and blogging might be two different projects you are doing as an extracurricular activity and hobby, but there are some similarities and differences between the two:


  •  Deadlines: The adviser and editor-in-chief create deadlines for the staff because it takes one whole year to make a yearbook from front to back. As for blogging, you can choose when to publish your own work without being rushed by staff members and not follow through with a theme. In other words, you can post random ideas and subjects on your website without being hounded by your adviser and editor-in-chief unless you are working for a certain company that chooses different themes on a weekly basis. 
  • After you fill out a yearbook position application, you have to wait a little while before hearing back from the adviser. Unlike being on a yearbook staff, you can simply create your own website and create mini-projects, instantly. 


  • Deadlines: You create deadlines to post certain topics pertaining to real world experience. And you also have deadlines to meet your goal by getting the work done, edited and published for certain companies.


  • Selecting Subjects to Discuss: Whether if you are interviewing students for a certain page in the yearbook or asking a relative about something from their past, you are publishing topics for the world to read and comment. In other words, your work can be influenced negatively nor positively, depending on what you published, how you interviewed someone and the words you have carefully selected. 
  • Creativity-You are free to be as creative as long as you know what to do and remembering your purpose of doing that certain project. For example, photojournalism: interviewing and photographing your subject for a specific blog post that you think is the most important for others to read for a certain reason. In other words, how does this subject affect my daily life? Or, how is this person a positive role model for everyone? Dig down to the creativity ditch and start on the most significant idea you have that relates to your theme. Visualize your plan and follow through. 

Writing a Short Story part N-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

It’s one more week before Daisy gets to leave and she is having the best time of her life at the Academy. She’s made friends with the other animals who are also recovering from injuries they endured and she also befriended the staff. On top of that, her broken leg is almost healed to the point where she will have her cast removed next Monday.

Daisy teared up because she is leaving the mansion soon and wants to enjoy her time as much as she can without time flying by on a constant basis. It was six at night and she had dinner with her roommates. They all had a conversation about their reasons for arriving at the mansion and why some of them have to stay there for a little bit longer than others. It depends on how bad your injury is and where it is located at, on the body.