The Necessary Steps to Improve as a Blogger:

Bloggers spend many hours a week working their hardest to publish and connect with their readers. However, when we receive criticism from editors and our audience, it is hard to stomach those thoughts because we let them down.

The good news is that we can bounce back by providing and publishing new material for our readers to process. Here are the necessary steps to improve as bloggers:

  1. Accepting Criticism–>It’s painful to accept criticism because we often assume that our stories contain perfect grammar, accurate information or gain many followers. But constructive criticism can make you improve significantly through listening to what the readers are asking you to do, reread your previous stories and determine to make a change for improvement.
  2. Editing Work–>There are online tutors to help improve your sentence structuring, grammatical,punctuation errors and a dictionary to help you extend your vocabulary. Tackle your weakest areas and your work will grow at a steady rate.
  3. Ask Audience for Feedback–> This ties in with the first point. Ask your audience for tips and go forward. Ask them how you can become a better writer or photographer.
  4. Create New Projects–>Old material becomes boring and bloggers are looking for new material to write about. For example, their adventures to a country they never visited before or writing your first newsletter to demonstrate what editors for a local newspaper endure.

Why WordPress?

For the last three years, I have used WordPress to post numerous and repetitive subjects I enjoy writing about. But these are not the main reasons why blogging on WordPress is such a great idea for college students. The reasons down below are:

1.) Receiving Audiences–> depending on how long it takes you to adjust to WordPress and how interesting your topics are, you will start receiving audiences who are interested in your work. Not only will they have to go the extra mile to follow your page, but it’s essential for you to communicate and follow them as well because you never know, they might be interested in the subjects you enjoy writing about.

2.) It’s a Public Journal–> you are as free to express your opinion and knowledge without being heckled by too many anonymous Internet users on a daily basis. Consider this website as a journal, but a public journal where everyone will read, share and give their honest opinion about it. Consider criticism to be apart of your growth as a blogger.

3.) Easy Website to Adjust To–> once you know where you stand on your website, you can design your website by selecting a theme that matches what your purpose for blogging is and it becomes extremely easy to adjust to.