Writing a Short Story part I-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

“It is twelve in the afternoon and the temperature outside is perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. Daisy and the other animals from different areas in the mansion lined up at the door, waiting to be released into the backyard in order to play softball. The groups will be split, accordingly by those who are the newest members that now live at the mansion for a month and those who have lived longer at the mansion over a one month period. The staff split them up and now it is time for the oldest members to hit the ball while the newest members run to the field and strike three players out in order to be next team to step up to the plate and reach their goal by hitting the ball over a small, white picket fence.”

Writing a Short Story part H-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

“One week flew by and Daisy has become accustomed to the mansion’s daily routines, consisting of interaction, participation, keeping everyone’s bellies full, to enjoy living a luxurious lifestyle for one month and meet new friends from different sections held within the mansion. She has met Iceman, a Persian cat whose suffered from two broken legs due to crossing a road without looking both ways and the vehicle which sped in his neighborhood, did not slow down as he walked underneath the car and had both of his legs crushed. He was immediately rushed to the mansion where the professional vets examined what bones in his hind legs were broken and soon placed it into two casts. At the moment, Iceman is in physical therapy and does everything in his power to walk off the pain in order to have the casts removed soon and begin to walk independently again.”

Woods, Grass, Oh Deer:

Oh_DeerI was driving along the countryside, on my way home and spotted three deer eating grass. As I stopped on the side, rolled my window down and yelled “Hey Bambi,” the middle deer quickly lifted his head up and gave me this “Who are you” stare.  A truck was not too far behind me and I gave the truck driver a signal to pass me, in order to try and take another photo of the three deer but as soon as he passed by, the deer ran away. They are such sweet and innocent animals. The woods, grass, OH DEER!


The Three Cats Template:

The Three Cats Template

Before I mention what the cats’ names are, I would like to briefly mention that there are two photos per cat: one is the original and the other one had been colorized. Ariel is the cat, located on top of the layout; Iceman is the cat at the bottom and Calico is located on the far right hand side.

Dogs Are Nothing But A Family’s Best Friend:

Dogs Collage

With three inside dogs and one who walks in and out daily, Daisy May, Maggie, Bullet and Foxy enjoy walking on the back porch with me and barking when they hear someone pull into the driveway or a lawn mower cutting the grass.

Bullet, a Shih-Tzu Pomeranian, likes to sit inside the solarium, viewing the front yard and watching television. When he wants to use the restroom outside or eat dog food, he walks over, staring at me for at least one minute or so. Bullet also stares when he is striving to receive attention. Usually, he stays quiet unless the others start barking.

Maggie, on the other hand, is a Maltese-Yorkie, who loves to dominate Foxy and chase Daisy May when she goes outside with Bullet. She keeps everyone alert, whether if someone is walking up to the house or if she sees the neighbors exercising up and down the road.

Daisy is an inside and outside dog, who follows mom and I when we take our walks in the evening time, running into at least, two male dogs. Her buddy, Chicago, walks a few houses away to come visit Daisy and of course, to receive and devour food. Every time I chant “Where’s Chicago,” Daisy and the other dogs begin to bark and run to the door, wondering where her best friend, Chicago, is.

Foxy is a Pomeranian, who loves to spill the dog food on the floor a few minutes after I poured the food into the bowl. As usual, when Foxy runs to the back porch and hears random noises, my grandmother is talking on the phone, and it is hard to hear when Foxy and the others bark out loud.

Dogs in this family are nothing but worth a family’s best friend. Even though dogs cannot talk, they still have feelings and love to be comforted by everyone.

The Three Whiskered Cats:

Cats Collage

In the previous years, cats at my house have been coming and leaving constantly. Luckily, however, there has been one of my cats who has lived for nine years and is still kicking. Her name is Calico. Not to mention, she is a calico cat. Born in the Southeastern United States, Calico came to live with my mom a couple of years after she was born. For the past eight and a half to nine years, she has been one grumpy kitty cat, not getting along with others, except for one cat that was born and raised in the same area as she had grown up in. Other than her grumpy moods, she likes to hide in boats, under the sheds and the house, and sometimes, she decides to walk to the house where food is awaiting for her.

Ariel, a light orange tabby cat, was born in Clarksville and was homeless as a kitten until one day; my brother found her and decided that she needed a home. She lived with him for a small amount of time and around sometime in 2011; Ariel came to live with my family and I. She has been fed soft kitty food, dry kitty food, spoiled to the bone and enjoys spending time with her son, Ice-man.

Ariel’s kitten, Ice-man, was born and raised in the backroom of my house, where he stayed inside and outside for a certain time period. Now a mostly, one year old outside cat, Ice-man is playful and active who loves to eat his soft kitty food and taking naps on the cushions on the back porch.

These three whiskered cats keep the dogs and I entertained because they are fun to watch when chasing each other around the yard.