Two Dogs & One Cat:


“If Love Grew but Died”: My First Poem

This is my very first poem in regards to heart-breaks we all endure in relationships. No matter what you go through, understand that God will always love and protect your heart and soul:

“If love dies early, it’s time to tell me to my face so we can both depart in separate ways.

If love grows strong, we both can be wrong about negative thoughts, in many ways.

If only we sat face to face and explain our issues, there shouldn’t be a reason to complain and grab one too many tissues.

It’s time to talk about it rather than walk away with awkward silence.

If love grows, our commitment enlarged.

If love dies, our commitment failed on many levels.

If love grows at first sight but dies at this moment, nothing will ever be the same for us again.”


Remembering Fond Memories from Middle School:

school pic

As each day passes, I sometimes look back on my middle school days (2006-2008) and realize how quickly it went by. How bright and warm the sun was, the smell of fresh flowers blossoming in the spring, the thought of a mall being built 5 minutes away from home and not realize until now how advanced technology changed in the past eleven years. Not only did it change everybody within a decade, but everything surrounding it. For example, how people run businesses now by using touchscreen registers, cell phones and tablets. My oh my, where has the time gone by?

3 Reasons to Never Publish Relationship Issues Online:

It’s good to publish positive aspects which are occurring in your relationship but nevertheless, do not publish negative issues ongoing online for the following reasons:

  1. Job Opportunities–>Employers will request a background check on you and if it turns out that you prefer posting personal business online, your chances of getting hired will not happen. They will see a different side to you which may affect work if hired that would be a waste of time, effort and resources.
  2. One Side Empathized while the other partner labeled as the “Bad Guy.”–> Social media is quite harmful to relationships because one person will be receiving sympathy to their online friends when explaining their side of an issue whereas the other person who did not share their viewpoint receives threats and name calling.
  3. Reputation Destroyed–> As it ties in with these two points above, once you post dramatic situations involving you and your partner, it can destroy one’s reputation in a heartbeat. What you post on the internet stays on the internet for life. There is no such thing as an automatic dry board “eraser” online.

Along with common sense and respect of privacy for you and your partner, avoiding to announce your problems on social media will prevent you both from embarrassment. It’s best to communicate effectively face to face and ensure that whatever problems arise will be solved without drama but rather instilling civilized mannerisms.