The Beauty of Heaven & Earth:

On the way to work this evening, I glanced at the beautiful sky to recognize how much we take the beauty of life and nature for granted. The beauty of life and nature between Heaven and Earth which shall forever be paradise. A mixture of rain and sunshine equates to happiness.

Nature Photography in March:


Before I went to my room and worked on my homework,  I decided to walk outside, enjoy the warm air and take pictures of nature around my yard, filled with  yellow daisies blooming near the creek, brown leaves hanging on the tree and the grass slightly turning green in the creek.  Spring time represents the beauty of nature while the temperature outside slightly increases in the fifties, sixties or seventy degrees.

Bi-Polar Weather Dealing With Day In And Day Out:

As of right now, I am sitting on the back porch, petting my cats, writing this blog post, smelling the crispy and humid air, and looking at the rainy sky. As this weather progresses with its up and down temperatures, I begin to wonder what the weather in the south will be like in the Fall and Winter time.

Last year, in the beginning of December, the weather was slightly warm, hitting the 70 something mark. Every time this weather changes daily, I have decided to call it bi-polar, since the weather temperatures rise in the 90’s and 100s and slows down to the 50’s and 60’s at night.

If it’s too hot in the summer time, I wished it was winter time, and vice versa.

What’s your opinion about the weather you experience throughout the year?