Tips for Aspiring Creative Writers:

For individuals who aspire to become creative writers, it is essential to have the visual and storytelling components because most readers don’t just simply read the story. Pictures and drawings bring the stories to life.

Here are some tips for aspiring creative writers:

  1. Balance your story with drawings/photographs.
  2. Organize your story with many details.
  3. Create a summary to get started.
  4. Determine if the story will be fictional/non-fictional.
  5. Will the story contain a rhythm pattern?
  6. Revise your work until you are ready for publishing.

Examples of these are:

How to Write a Movie Report:

Similar to a book report you write in school, movie reports entail the essential parts beyond the film’s summary. In other words, you write about the main characters, their roles and the life lessons an audience can take from the film, itself. You gather notes from the book, compare and contrast the story-line to the film.

Here are examples of a book report:

  1. What is the book’s story-line?
  2. Who are the main characters?
  3. Who is the protagonist?
  4. Who is the antagonist?
  5. What have you learned from the book?

Here are examples of a movie report:

  • Write the film’s synopsis with 32 words or less.
  • Name & Describe the characters.
  • What are the main characters’ purposes in the film?
  • What are the similarities and differences between the film & book versions?
  • Overall conclusion about the life lessons audiences can gather from the film.

High School Journalists: Writing Journals

As these “High School Journalist” blog posts continue, here is another idea you can do for writing and photography purposes:

Buy a school binder, write about something you enjoy reading or watching, print it from your computer and stick it in your binder under different section names. To provide you with an example, if you are going to write about a certain movie, you can place that article under “Film Studies” or “Movie Review” tabs. What this will do is to help you excel in your writing abilities and when you look back on it three years later, you will notice how your writing style has changed: for better or worse.

Tip of The Night: Selecting Colorful Pens for 5 Days A Week

Whether if it is a Monday or a Friday, select a colorful pen for each class you attend on different days to take for notes. It will not only look great on paper, but the beauty of the color will be blissful and colorful to stare at in the notebook all day long.

Of course, Monday’s will always be somewhat a slow day, but if you bring a bright coloring pen to class, that boring day might gradually move from a slow day to one of the best Monday’s you ever had.

Pens are very unique and creative to use when taking notes for class. The only problem with pens is that there’s no eraser. There is one type of pens that do erase, but not for the multi-colored pens.

Applying different ink colors to a paper for notes are interesting to look at, especially if you add a design or more on the paper.

Tip of The Night: Wiping Your Furniture

As dust quickly spreads through shiny, wooden furniture, you feel as if the dust will never go away. That’s true; dust never disappears, but you can do one thing to make the pollen temporarily remove the furniture for a short time period: by polishing your dressers.

Yes, polishing can remove dust, but sadly, not permanently. And of course, polishing does seem boring, but if you keep up wiping your dressers, you are doing everything in your power to prevent yourself from sneezing due to many pollen, located in and outside of the house.