Judd Travers: A Main Character from Saving Shiloh, 2006

Third Film:

  1. Begins to take responsibility for his own behavior and actions. (For example, when he apologized to Marty after yelling him due to a dog biting him on the leg).
  2. Was accused of murder by the entire town after a local citizen was killed. Turned out it was two different people who were running after David and Marty. No apologies from the community.
  3. Saved Shiloh and Marty’s lives after they nearly drowned in the river and eventually, earned respect from the entire community.
  4. Got a job with the Fire & Rescue Squad.
  5. Mentioned briefly that no matter what mood his father was in, he would beat him regardless.

*Side Note from all three of the films:*

  • You can’t change people overnight. Not only do you have to show kindness and work with  them patiently at a slow rate, they themselves have to catch on and eventually will learn how to control what they say, how to react and how both of these can reflect on their character. In other words, action speaks louder than words.
  • You must discover the truth as to why that person’s mean rather than gossip about them because you never know what they went through in their life.

Judd Travers: A Main Character From Shiloh Season, 1999

Second Film:

  1. As continued following the first movie, Judd clearly becomes depressed and a heavily drinker.
  2. Marty and Shiloh saved his life after getting into a truck accident from drinking and driving.
  3. In the middle of the movie, we find out that Judd was beaten as a child and stayed at his residence ever since while his older siblings ran off and his parents dying one after another.
  4. Becomes friendlier at the end of the film.

*Side Notes for the last two films:*

  • While Marty and Shiloh saved his life due a truck accident, in the third film he saved their lives from nearly drowning in a river.
  • Begins to receive trust from the Preston family at the very end when he allowed Ray, Marty & Shiloh into his trailer home for the first time, ever.
  • One question though: If Shiloh began accepting Judd at the end of the 2nd movie, how come he still didn’t cross the river to his house until the end of the 3rd film? (After all, it does take time to rebuild and regain one’s trust).

Life Lessons from Shiloh Movies:

From what I’ve gathered in the three Shiloh movies, it is not only kindness you have to show towards your neighbor who’s abusive, but rather work on the most important aspect of helping this person find peace and forgiveness. In other words, don’t sit back and expect to change the person overnight. Guide them from appearing out of the darkness and show them the beauty of life and how animals (especially dogs) should receive love and affection. Here are some life lessons that we all can take from these three fantastic Shiloh movies:

  1. Do unto others as they would have undo to you. Treat people with respect and they will do the same back.
  2. Recognize that respect, though, is a two-way street. You can’t get anywhere unless you shower that person with kindness, patience and forgiveness. Eventually, they will wake-up and do the same for you.
  3. As Rod Steiger’s character says, “Try harder.” Take a look at his character and analyze what he meant in the first two movies. What was his purpose in the first two films? His purpose was to guide Marty in the right direction and teach him that even though we can’t have someone else answer our questions, try harder to dig for the truth and do everything you can to help someone see the light.