“My, Your Headlights Are Quite Bright” Poem:

Here’s another poem in regards to cars and their headlights shining too bright at night while tailgating those who are driving the speed limit:

“As I drive home safely, you flash your lights so bright that drivers from both sides of the road cannot see ahead.

Determined to ensure that safety is important for both drivers, you’re speeding at an instant rate where accidents happen and many can be dead from such tragic wrecks.

As many drivers assume that these colorful bright lights deem to be illegal, please lower your flash beams for everyone’s safety concern.

My, your headlights are quite bright. Please turn them down on the road tonight and have a Merry Christmas.”

“Phony the Pony” Poem:

Warning: This poem will not make sense but I wrote it for the sake of another poem idea that popped into my brain at the very last-minute.

“There once was a pony named Phony. He lied too often that everyone in town said he was full of baloney.

He belonged to a family with money. And lived inside a stable with a donkey.

Once in a blue moon, he and the donkey would travel to the zoo and communicate with a monkey.

Oh Phony the pony, how deceitful he was to the public.”

“Oh, How We Are Meant For One Another” Poem:

Although my poems are not planned out in advance, here is a relatively small poem women and men together can relate to when falling in love:

“The amount of time we spend alone, says how much we care for one another.

Through the tunnels we travel through together, nothing is impossible without holding onto each other.

Oh how we are meant for one another, we are birds of a feather that flock together.”

“If Love Grew but Died”: My First Poem

This is my very first poem in regards to heart-breaks we all endure in relationships. No matter what you go through, understand that God will always love and protect your heart and soul:

“If love dies early, it’s time to tell me to my face so we can both depart in separate ways.

If love grows strong, we both can be wrong about negative thoughts, in many ways.

If only we sat face to face and explain our issues, there shouldn’t be a reason to complain and grab one too many tissues.

It’s time to talk about it rather than walk away with awkward silence.

If love grows, our commitment enlarged.

If love dies, our commitment failed on many levels.

If love grows at first sight but dies at this moment, nothing will ever be the same for us again.”


Humming Bird Angels Poem:

IMG_5703 - Copy

“Humming bird angels flew down from Heaven and whispered into my ear,’We are near the end and need you to hear what our message is so you can pass it on.’

They hurried and quickly said to me, ‘Prepare for what’s coming ahead. always keep your faith in God, no matter how hard these economic times are.’

I¬†shook my head and responded to them, ‘I sure will’ as they flew back into the tree before returning to Heaven.”

Ice-man Poem:

Blogging picture of Iceman

Ice-man is a fluffy, snowy, icy cat,
Whose blue eyes brighten with joy.

As he explores the yard,
Here comes Daisy, chasing after him.

When he sits on the back porch,
Ice-man ponders when he will be receiving his meal.

Before the day turns to-night,
Ice-man is on the lookout for his family and dinner course.

Ice-man is, after all, a protective and loveable blue-eyed kitty cat,
With a sense of humor.

Ice-man is and will always be a fluffy, snowy, icy cat,
Whose blue eyes shine on with triumph.