“Phony the Pony” Poem:

Warning: This poem will not make sense but I wrote it for the sake of another poem idea that popped into my brain at the very last-minute.

“There once was a pony named Phony. He lied too often that everyone in town said he was full of baloney.

He belonged to a family with money. And lived inside a stable with a donkey.

Once in a blue moon, he and the donkey would travel to the zoo and communicate with a monkey.

Oh Phony the pony, how deceitful he was to the public.”


Bullet Posing For The Picture:

Bullet Posing For The Picture:

About an hour ago, I kept calling Bullet to look over so I can take a picture of him. I finally did receive his attention when I asked him if he wanted to go outside and that is when he turned and posed for the camera for a short length of time.

Daisy’s Collar:

daisy 1 images combined

The other day, while I was taking pictures for my photography class, I took a picture of Daisy May next to the house, standing up straight. Today, I went on Photoshop and I changed the picture by erasing her dog collar to see how the image turned out (used the spot healing tool) and cropped the majority of the picture since she is the subject of the picture and not just the bushes and grass.

What do y’all think about this image? Should I have kept the picture of her wearing a collar or keep the image of Daisy without a collar?


The Three Cats Template:

The Three Cats Template

Before I mention what the cats’ names are, I would like to briefly mention that there are two photos per cat: one is the original and the other one had been colorized. Ariel is the cat, located on top of the layout; Iceman is the cat at the bottom and Calico is located on the far right hand side.

Meet Maggie: A Maltese-Yorkshire Dog

Maggie in November 2012

Meet Maggie: Maggie is a Maltese-Yorkshire who loves to be the boss of the house and play with my other dog Daisy when she wants to be noticed. Of course, she barks at strangers who are walking on the road, and I know for a fact that Maggie tends to become overprotective of her “Mom” frequently.

Maggie is full of energy and full of life. She thrives for attention and she usually receives attention from me when I come home and throw a ball to her downstairs to run and bring it back up to me.

Even though Maggie becomes jealous of the other dogs from time to time, she is still Maggie and one of the best dogs to raise in your home for protection.

Cat And Dog Escapades:

Iceman and Daisy August 31 2013

Ice-man (right) and Daisy (left), were out on the back porch and having a great time “socializing” with each other. As Ice-man grabbed a hold of Daisy and started kissing, kicking and sort of clawing her, Daisy walked away from him.

Of course, as she walked back over to my mom, Ice-man tried to grab Daisy again, but unfortunately, she was distracted by a dog’s bark from next door. Cats and dogs love each other.

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Dogs Are Nothing But A Family’s Best Friend:

Dogs Collage

With three inside dogs and one who walks in and out daily, Daisy May, Maggie, Bullet and Foxy enjoy walking on the back porch with me and barking when they hear someone pull into the driveway or a lawn mower cutting the grass.

Bullet, a Shih-Tzu Pomeranian, likes to sit inside the solarium, viewing the front yard and watching television. When he wants to use the restroom outside or eat dog food, he walks over, staring at me for at least one minute or so. Bullet also stares when he is striving to receive attention. Usually, he stays quiet unless the others start barking.

Maggie, on the other hand, is a Maltese-Yorkie, who loves to dominate Foxy and chase Daisy May when she goes outside with Bullet. She keeps everyone alert, whether if someone is walking up to the house or if she sees the neighbors exercising up and down the road.

Daisy is an inside and outside dog, who follows mom and I when we take our walks in the evening time, running into at least, two male dogs. Her buddy, Chicago, walks a few houses away to come visit Daisy and of course, to receive and devour food. Every time I chant “Where’s Chicago,” Daisy and the other dogs begin to bark and run to the door, wondering where her best friend, Chicago, is.

Foxy is a Pomeranian, who loves to spill the dog food on the floor a few minutes after I poured the food into the bowl. As usual, when Foxy runs to the back porch and hears random noises, my grandmother is talking on the phone, and it is hard to hear when Foxy and the others bark out loud.

Dogs in this family are nothing but worth a family’s best friend. Even though dogs cannot talk, they still have feelings and love to be comforted by everyone.