Newspaper Story Scenario #1: Yearbook Club Removal

Here is a fictional newspaper story scenario I will provide to everyone, including a younger audience which will help them understand how a local newspaper reporter publishes their content.

Previously, I wrote a fictional crime story but this time I might spice it up and pick a new topic which will cover a fictional high school (Milton Bluffing High School in Bluffton, South Carolina) where the yearbook committee in a small town struggles to receive money from businesses in order to advertise and keep their club functioning before it runs into the ground. So, the yearbook committee decided to do one different thing: One, they all went out and got a job to support themselves and raise money for the club two meetings away before the Board of Education shuts them down permanently.

At Milton Bluffing High School, the yearbook committee struggles to receive financial support from businesses whom they received ads from previously in which the Board of Education are two meetings away from shutting the club down.

The students on the yearbook committee have decided to ban together and get a part-time job in order to raise enough money where they can bring the club back to light. But what they have failed to realize are not just the businesses who refused to buy an ad and put it in there for them this time but the cost of printing colorized pages and pictures which are quite a hefty steep when considering about the expenses of not just one but multiple yearbooks which are to be released within the next school year. 

The editor-in-chief stepped in and said, “We went out to get jobs because not only do we need to learn how to support ourselves but to be dedicated and committed to the yearbook club. We are passionate about this and going to the media about this might not necessarily mean it will solve our problems but rather send an important message to our Board of Education that they are robbing us from a once in a lifetime opportunity we will never get back once we walk across the stage to receive our diplomas.”

When asked if they plan to create a social media page or a blog in regards to keeping their yearbook club, the yearbook adviser reluctantly stated “We haven’t thought about it yet but since you brought it up, we could do that because there will be upcoming students in the years to follow who would do anything to be on the yearbook staff but to no avail it would be removed due to the Board of Education not giving us a chance to improve as a staff and ensuring that we can find another way to receive funds in order to pay for the costs of building, printing and publishing our memories we made here at Milton Bluffing High School.”

The Board of Education was contacted but refused to answer any questions as to why the yearbook club is shutting down after the upcoming two meetings. Why not give the staff a chance to improve and receive funds before banning the club all at once? The staff hopes for the best but are they prepared for the worst news yet to come?

For more information, please contact the editor John Doe at XXX-XXX-XXXX. 

With this scenario, there are some fill in the blank questions which will need to be filled in regards to why the yearbook club is shutting down in the first place, who made the decision and other questions like that.

Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool & Rule Academy:

The last part of the story was written in part o, where Daisy leaves the Academy and returns home with her owners. So far, I have begun re-touching the first part of the story because the entire story is lengthy and it has been going alright. The words will need to be rephrased as well because this is meant to be a fictional story for children and on top of that, pictures will be included.

The first part I need to complete is to re-write the story. Make it shorter and more appealing to the audience.

The second part is adding photographs to the book. Pictures also keep children interested in the story.

Lastly, the book and pages will have to be combined into two separate pages, which will take lots of time and corrections before it is published.

Writing a Short Story part O-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

It’s her final day at the mansion and she gathers around everyone to say her final goodbyes before heading home. Her items were packed in a pink suitcase and her blankets with a pillow were placed in a yellow duffel bag. At once, Daisy has recovered well with her broken leg but is saddened to see everyone else stay behind while she has to go home with her owners.

She admits that even though she got hit by a truck which was a painful experience she will never forget, she does not regret coming to the mansion and recuperate in a different environment where she felt safe, pampered and making friends that will last a lifetime. “Goodbye Iceman,” Daisy said before exiting the Academy. Iceman ran up, gave her a hug and handed her his phone number. Foxy also did the same thing and so did everyone else.

Her owners didn’t have to pay due to the truck driver being sincere, generous and paid all of their vet expenses. As she departed Dogs Drool and Rule Academy, she turned around, barked at her friends and was on her journey back to Bridgetown, Tennessee to live and lead a happy life.

The End


Writing a Short Story part L-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

After Foxy hit the ball, two more players came up to the mound and tried to score some runs. Unfortunately, they struck out and the other team scored more runs in, concluding that they won the game for the day. After softball, the dogs and cats ran back into the mansion to watch television for one hour before going to physical therapy.

During physical therapy, the doctor asked Daisy what caused her injury and she explained to him that a truck driver ran over her leg and it broke instantly. The doctor stretched her leg out twice, as well as giving her some pain medicine before going to bed. Later that night, Daisy ate her meal, took her pain medicine and fell asleep within thirty minutes.

Writing a Short Story part K-Daisy’s One Month Stay at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy:

Daisy’s now up to bat and ready to hit the ball over the fence. As she stepped up to the mound, the pitcher from the other team threw a curve ball and she hit it to right field. She ran as fast as she could and made it to second base. One point earned by Iceman and the next player up to score is Foxy, a Pomeranian who also came from Bridgetown, Tennessee. Foxy came to the mansion because she had seizures and the only place affordable for her owners to take her was at Dogs Drool and Rule Academy.

Foxy stood at the mound, grabbed her bat and looked towards the pitcher. As soon as the ball came towards her, she hit it and it went over the fence. Both teams were tied and the amount of points they were allowed to reach that day was 10.