From Junk Food to Eating Nutritional Food:

Besides using a diet pill for thirty days and exercising on the walking machine, my diet is transitioning from junk food to eating no sugary foods (ex: Blueberries, Hard Cheese). This is one huge leap for me and not only can I keep track of what I should drink and eat, but how much weight I have lost within the past four days.

I know that the pill seems as if it is the lazy way to curb my appetite, but in actuality, it helps me stay on track and when my stomach is too full to eat.

Although I have cheated today by eating ice cream and applied Kroger’s red dressing to my salad, I still managed to hop onto the walking machine and walk 2 miles while studying for tomorrow’s test.

I am definitely understanding why I want to transfer my eating habits from junk to sugar-free foods. It is because I want to achieve my goal in losing weight and begin to eat healthier.