High School Journalists: Writing Journals

As these “High School Journalist” blog posts continue, here is another idea you can do for writing and photography purposes:

Buy a school binder, write about something you enjoy reading or watching, print it from your computer and stick it in your binder under different section names. To provide you with an example, if you are going to write about a certain movie, you can place that article under “Film Studies” or “Movie Review” tabs. What this will do is to help you excel in your writing abilities and when you look back on it three years later, you will notice how your writing style has changed: for better or worse.

Magazine Project #1 “Southern Nature Taken Over”: The Introduction Page Story

“As a first time magazine creator, I would like to take the time and introduce what topics have been covered throughout this entire journey: birds, roses, trees, flowers, cats, dogs, flower garden and crape myrtles. They all are apart of nature and go through what us humans go through in this world: life and death. Photos of nature do not only depict what cats are staring at or assuming what they are getting ready to do next, but photographs represent what their life is like, how it, he or she survives, and what changes throughout the year.”

Journal Assignment #2: Vocabulary Words

Tonight, I will be posting a blog assignment, based on terminology and definitions. There will be vocabulary words, their meanings and some examples down below.

#1: Preserve-to keep fresh, clean, clear. (Ex): It is essential for the park rangers to keep their park preserved for historical and non-historical reasons.

#2: Complex-difficult; challenging. (Ex): The math problem I solved for three hours tonight was complex.

#3: Essential-important, significant. (Ex): We have to understand the essential material over the Civil War because we live in the modern day South and teach it for our children to know what happened in the past and what we can do to prevent anything similar like that, from happening again.

#4: Prioritize-organize, priority. (Ex): Before you drive home tonight, you need to prioritize your work station and throw away any trash that you spot on the counters and floors in your area.

#5: Exponentially-quickly, growth of increase or decrease. (Ex): The crime statistics in Georgia have exponentially elevated.

Journal Assignment #1: Teaching Sentence Structure to Kids

Even though it seems as if I am writing a school assignment, I am not. This blog will not only contain photos, but my daily journal assignments that I enjoy discussing for English and Journalism majors, as well as high students and yearbook staff members.

#1: When you teach children how to write, think of simple vocabulary children can learn and move onto another level if they are ready to be taught a new set of terminology.

#2: Not to mention, teaching them how to shrink their sentences and fill in the blank with vocabulary words is another useful technique how to teach sentence structure to kids

*Now I will provide some examples of incorrect and correct sentences*

A1 (Incorrect): Before bed, mommy was reading me a story about two kids who were best friends who grew up and were split up in middle school because of becoming friends with new kids who came from different schools.

A2 (Correct): Tonight, my mom read a story to me about two kids growing up together as best friends until their separation in middle school due to befriending new kids from different schools districts.

*If my examples are not clear enough,  feel free to comment and I will be happy to explain or blog new examples.

Writing Advice: Shorten Your Sentences, The Better

Even though I love to write long sentences to stretch my paragraphs, it is best to know what you are writing and shorten your sentences as much as possible. Here are some examples of how you can do this:

#1 (Long): Today, there was this group of high school bullies that were in the back of the bus while shoving and pushing middle school kids to the front of the school bus.

#1 (Short): Today, a group of high school students shoved and pushed middle school kids to the front of the bus.


-One group of high school freshmen sat in the back of the school bus and did not allow the middle school kids to sit near them.

I know these are some boring scenarios, but re-write what you think is best for your English papers. If y’all have any great examples to share, please feel free to leave a comment anytime.

Correcting Sentences & Adding Action Verbs:

This blog post will be for those who are struggling to use action verbs correctly in different sentences:

Long: Shuggy 1993 will be driving to school tomorrow, around the age of 17 years.

Short: At 17 years old, Shuggy 1993 plans to drive her new vehicle to school.

Incorrect: One of the high schools in my hometown already shut down due to its poor environment.

Correct: One of the high schools in my hometown closed down due to the building’s poor condition.

I also encourage for those who are uncomfortable with their writing abilities to be specific in their sentences when, for example, if they are writing a journal or paper about cars. What cars do you plan to write about? How do you compare/contrast these vehicles? Write your questions on paper and do your research. Writing is not as easy as it seems. Practice writing your sentences the way you normally do and write it differently. What is similar and different between the two sentences? Expand your vocabulary.

The Point of Writing And Blogging:

From the time I started writing, I loved it. I enjoyed learning about pronouns, verbs and other pieces of information from elementary and middle schools. In high school, I enjoyed writing papers, but the topics were not as interesting and were somewhat useful until I entered college.

Now in my second year of college and already a beginner in blogging, writing is still my passion. This blog serves its purpose by explaining that the point of blogging is to practice and use your writing abilities in a creative, passionate and professional manner.

Writing classes, terminology usage, tutorials and blogging for fun are as useful and helpful as possible.

Written Journals (Schools and Personal Life):

Paper 2013

Written journals are and have been commonly used in the everyday world. Journals are used for English classes in middle schools and high schools, covering certain topics or issues discussed in the daily news. But there are also personal journals, covering about someone’s personal life. Selecting a subject and writing about that topic can be quite interesting.

When writing a topic your teacher has selected for the class, this usually means that you are writing a topic based on opinion. However, if you are writing in your personal journal, you are usually writing for yourself or about someone else you decided to write about, but no one outside of your topic.

Journals are similar to diaries in one way: journals can be as personal and private as diaries. There are certain issues you don’t want everyone to publicly know about, such as your personal life.