End of Semester To-Do List:

Even though it will be one more semester until I graduate, it is essential to start looking for a job in journalism and apply to many jobs before May 2017 arrives. It’s important to read through the skills and abilities section which will match my criteria. Otherwise, applying for that particular job where I have no skill set they are asking for, is a waste of time.

This is one of my biggest “to-do” lists because not only I will be graduating soon, but getting a job earlier would be one less thing to not worry about by the time I receive my Bachelor’s Degree. It’s best to get the job early rather than six months later which is when I will have to start paying off my student loan debt.

Even though I will begin applying for jobs in January, but I need to realize that I will not always get the job guaranteed.

Considering to Learn More Through Internships:

Hopefully, I can get an internship for next semester because I do need more experience learning how the field of journalism works. In other words, what to expect from my bosses and editors.

Thus far, I’ve been on the yearbook staff for two years in high school, intern at a local newspaper station in my hometown, worked as a photographer for my college digital online newspaper (still considering to do more work for them) and blogged for the past three years.

Some experience is better than none, but it’s important to have the drive and dedication to work hard to get the story right and published. Deadline driven, as I should become. I have considered that I need to learn more by going from one internship to the next until I graduate in the spring.

Being positive and always communicating with the editors will help open the doors. It’s never too late to connect with them while still in college, working on my Bachelor’s degree.

Journal Assignment #1: Teaching Sentence Structure to Kids

Even though it seems as if I am writing a school assignment, I am not. This blog will not only contain photos, but my daily journal assignments that I enjoy discussing for English and Journalism majors, as well as high students and yearbook staff members.

#1: When you teach children how to write, think of simple vocabulary children can learn and move onto another level if they are ready to be taught a new set of terminology.

#2: Not to mention, teaching them how to shrink their sentences and fill in the blank with vocabulary words is another useful technique how to teach sentence structure to kids

*Now I will provide some examples of incorrect and correct sentences*

A1 (Incorrect): Before bed, mommy was reading me a story about two kids who were best friends who grew up and were split up in middle school because of becoming friends with new kids who came from different schools.

A2 (Correct): Tonight, my mom read a story to me about two kids growing up together as best friends until their separation in middle school due to befriending new kids from different schools districts.

*If my examples are not clear enough,  feel free to comment and I will be happy to explain or blog new examples.

To Future University Students: College Work is Complex

As a third year student at a university, college work is complex  but the only way you can succeed in college is to be an overachiever and focus on your studies without procrastinating and cramming your books into your backpack one day before you take a test. And, ask professors for help if you are confused about your assignments.

When I left high school, I thought college was going to be easy as a breeze, but when I received an “F” on my first English paper at the beginning of freshman year, not only did I feel like I failed my first paper in college, little did I know that I was adjusting to the “Real-World” environment. And, I needed to be a responsible, young 19 year old by asking questions to my professors, arrive to class on time everyday and re-do my work until I earned an “A.” You don’t just show up to class, hand in your work and think that you got an “A” because there are bumpy roads you have to drive on, but if you pay attention to what is said and understand what you have to turn in, keep driving down that road and your car will be on smooth pavement at the end of the semester.

Have fun, but take advantage of the opportunities you will have at school.

First Half of Sophomore Year Ending & Advice to High School Seniors:

In a couple of weeks, half of my sophomore year in college will be ending and Christmas Break takes place for one month. It just amazes me how time flew by this year, in 2013. From walking fast to the library and writing a five paged research paper over photojournalism to completing assignments and quizzes online and studying for tests, it seems as if I worked a bit harder this semester, rather than last year. I was and still am procrastinating, but not as bad this year, unlike my freshman year where I did not study as I should have and barely passed my Geology class with a “D” average.

My best advice to high school seniors who plan to attend college: College will fly by fast. Make sure to not procrastinate until the last-minute. Ask your professor for help when you struggle in their class. College is not a joke; it is fast paced and you need to make sure that you attend every class.

Selecting Your College & Major:

Months before you graduate from high school and plan to attend college, ask yourself, “What college do I want to attend and what college has a wide variety of majors I can choose from without struggling to pick one that might not be as beneficial and useless?” Research your top colleges you think could grant your requests. After you take the ACT as many times as you can to receive a higher score, send them to those universities and wait for their responses. If they all reply to your scores and accept you, congratulations. If one or two of them don’t, do not panic because you can and will be accepted. ACT tests might matter, but your high school GPA is how you can also get into college. The point of this blog post is to find your passion and choose your university choice wisely. You can reach for the stars as much as every student who has and currently are going to college.

Enjoying Life As A College Student And Blogger:

Even though I am a shy individual with hopes and dreams to become a journalist one day, what I am planning to learn from this blogging experience is to excel in my writing skills and use immense vocabulary words. And I hope to be one day a fiction writer and a journalist because I love writing in general.

I enjoy life as a college student, blogger and everything in between.

What are your hopes and dreams as a blogger? What do you hope to accomplish from this experience as a blogger?

Before You Speak In Front Of The Class:

Even though I am bashful when I speak in front of the class, I found a way to practice my speech before I speak in front of the class. Before you write and present your speech in front of your audience, practice what you will say in front of your friends and use word pad to write an example of a speech that you would use and read one sentence at a time:

Example: I like to drive my car to school because I can listen to my own music and not have to wait for my parents to pick me up at a later time.

I like to drive my car to school

Because I can listen to my own music

And not have to wait for my parents to

Pick me up at a later time.

Read these sentences at one time and try to collide them together (all in one). This can help, but also, you can read your speech in front of the mirror. Remember the saying, “practice makes perfect.”

Morning Time:

Even though I get up early for my classes for Monday through Friday, I am usually not a morning person, unless if I have a phone call or receive a text message from people. Sometimes I get up early in the morning to start and finish my homework, watch television shows, or to read a Nancy Drew book I am anxious to complete.

The morning time is not always my time to get up, but once I am up, I am up for the rest of the day.

Who else likes to sleep through late mornings (10:00-11:00 a.m.) on the weekend?

Are Computers in The College Classrooms Distracting?

Now that technology is expanding tremendously, students in college are bringing their computers to class, instead of applying pencils to paper. Sometimes, I feel as if using a computer in class is a helpful tool because you can type information down faster, but is it a great tool when some students are chit-chatting on Facebook and use the internet without listening to the professor?

Do you believe that computers are a distraction in the college classrooms?