WordPress is the Best Blogging Site:

On July 28, it will mark my fourth year anniversary of blogging on WordPress and thus far, I’ve had the best experience on here even though the layout for writing a post has changed.

Why is WordPress the best blogging site? Because it offers many tools to help you publish your work. And because you gain more opportunities to meet other bloggers on here than you will on Blogger. Once you gain an audience and publish more material, it will continue to grow. Don’t think twice and sign up for WordPress.com. As much as this sounds like an advertisement, my advice is: Spend as much time blogging on here as you can because it will help you gain advantages and knowledge that other blogging websites do not provide to you for free. For example, website layouts related to your theme. The themes are phenomenal.

Why Do Journalists Over-Exaggerate When They Publish Articles Online?

Seriously, when I read different websites over certain subjects, such as Yahoo’s obsession of the so-called arguments happening inside the walls of Buckingham Palace, I can’t help but think that posting untrue and obnoxious stories are not worth reading and are full of drama and reactants. The articles need to be truthful, provide facts and leave your opinion out of it unless if you have a point to back up with that assumption.

Of course, it is smart to avoid websites that do not have the sources for stories over, for example, which celebrities punched each other on the red carpet this day and skip the article part and scroll down to the comment section for laughs and view different opinions.  And you can exit out of one website and move to another if you don’t like it, but these “internet journalists” need to rethink and re-write their work because over exaggerating, adding your two senses into the subject without a back-up plan and spreading rumors will not guarantee you a job for Peoples’ Magazine if you continue to publish false information without confirming with another source if a certain story is authentic or not.

I apologize for ranting on here, and I know that I am a blogger, but dishonesty and panicking in your articles intended for your readers is not professional unless you are writing a fictional storybook.

What are your opinions about journalists publishing their work on Yahoo and other news sources?

Have a great day, everyone!