Fall: A Time to Leave or A Time to Throw A Ball?

“As the year is coming to an end in a few short months, must we ask that fall is a sign telling us to leave all behind or a time to throw a ball with our hands in the air?

Must we say goodbye to our loved ones? Or say hello to a new beginning of our adventures on our own?

Through our journey together, we endured every smooth sailing and pebble crushing emotion up and down a hill in the South.

Tears, laughter and good times we had together will always be located on memory lane. Thank each other by the Grace of God uniting us together and held us oh so gentle yet tightly.

As the sun shines upon us on a cold, fall eve, our voices and spiritual beings unite and we praise God Almighty for bringing us together under circumstances to which we must fight or flee.

Oh must we fight for one another but has the wind in the fall blew us a high mighty kiss to slip away? Or shall we throw a ball with our hands in the air together and unite with delight from the sun’s bright light?”