3 Reasons to Never Publish Relationship Issues Online:

It’s good to publish positive aspects which are occurring in your relationship but nevertheless, do not publish negative issues ongoing online for the following reasons:

  1. Job Opportunities–>Employers will request a background check on you and if it turns out that you prefer posting personal business online, your chances of getting hired will not happen. They will see a different side to you which may affect work if hired that would be a waste of time, effort and resources.
  2. One Side Empathized while the other partner labeled as the “Bad Guy.”–> Social media is quite harmful to relationships because one person will be receiving sympathy to their online friends when explaining their side of an issue whereas the other person who did not share their viewpoint receives threats and name calling.
  3. Reputation Destroyed–> As it ties in with these two points above, once you post dramatic situations involving you and your partner, it can destroy one’s reputation in a heartbeat. What you post on the internet stays on the internet for life. There is no such thing as an automatic dry board “eraser” online.

Along with common sense and respect of privacy for you and your partner, avoiding to announce your problems on social media will prevent you both from embarrassment. It’s best to communicate effectively face to face and ensure that whatever problems arise will be solved without drama but rather instilling civilized mannerisms.

“The Green Mile” Movie Review:

the green mile

“The Green Mile” is a film about Paul Edgecomb describing events to his friend, Elaine at the nursing home in regards to something that would unknowingly change his life forever. During the Great Depression era, he supervised E-Block at the Tennessee State Prison where the death penalty was held and soon met a kind inmate named John Coffey, a healer from God who can separate the good vs evil but died on death row due to being falsely accused of rape and murder, without hinting to the parents of the twin girls that the actual murderer was Wild Bill.

In general, this film was phenomenal. From acting to song choices and emotional dialogue, “The Green Mile” captivates the reality of life being intolerant to innocent individuals who died on death row. Not to mention but the speech from Mr. Edgecomb after Elaine’s funeral where he specifically states that we all owe a death one day.

While the film added raw emotion to it, there is one small criticism which can be bothersome to some southerners although it’s not a big issue. Despite the southern atmosphere, the country bumpkin accents were horrendous. It sounded as if the actors traveled down to Tennessee and North Carolina for the first time and never listened to how locals speak. Speaking to locals and living down in the southeastern United States for a while can help your accent improve tremendously along with a speech coach.

In conclusion, the younger generations to come should watch this film because it will show them how life does have its injustice but you can rise above those unfair situations and realize we all have our own green mile to walk until we depart from this world. As Sally Fields character said in Forrest Gump, “we must do the best with what God gave us.” In other words, no matter where our lives lead to, he will be right there with us while walking down our own green mile. The messages we learn from this film can be applied to in reality.