High School Journalists: Choosing A Particular Journalism Field

Journalism isn’t always about writing and reporting repetitive stories five days a week. In fact, you choose a particular topic in the journalism field you are experienced at and go from there. When I mean “particular journalism field,” this can be defined as what stories do you have experience in? What are your strengths and weaknesses for writing these types of stories? How can you improve?

Here are some examples down below to help you identify what journalism field hits you close to home:

  • Investigative Reporting
  • Local News Reporting
  • Weather Reporting
  • Sports Reporting
  • Photojournalism
  • World Events
  • Pop Culture

WordPress is the Best Blogging Site:

On July 28, it will mark my fourth year anniversary of blogging on WordPress and thus far, I’ve had the best experience on here even though the layout for writing a post has changed.

Why is WordPress the best blogging site? Because it offers many tools to help you publish your work. And because you gain more opportunities to meet other bloggers on here than you will on Blogger. Once you gain an audience and publish more material, it will continue to grow. Don’t think twice and sign up for WordPress.com. As much as this sounds like an advertisement, my advice is: Spend as much time blogging on here as you can because it will help you gain advantages and knowledge that other blogging websites do not provide to you for free. For example, website layouts related to your theme. The themes are phenomenal.

Topics for this Blog:

Recently, it has been difficult for me to find any interesting topics to write about on here. But down below, I listed a few experiences I’ve encountered on the internet as a teenager and as a young adult. I already wrote a few stories on my professional blog post which will be listed down below.

Encountering with an angry fan online experience began when I was 17 years old and the story starts off nice, but the angry fan becomes angrier as the months go by. I will keep the posts updated on the website in which this story is linked to.

I argued with another college student a few nights ago regarding that respect is earned, not an entitlement and he did not listen to what was being said to him. He pulled the “Rachael is showing her privilege” card while avoiding the facts.

These are the only topics I posted on my professional blogging website but if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post on here.

Yearbook Theme Ideas:

Each yearbook staff members create a theme for their yearbook and their topics from that theme which will be covered from start to finish. Themes can be quite difficult because there are many great ideas that the adviser would wish to cover for the entire yearbook but has to stick with one where it pertains to all grade levels, including faculty and staff members.  Down below are some theme ideas:

1.) The Zombies Awaken–> How students at the highest grade level are at the top of the food chain and survive the chaos where the underclassmen lie beneath them,  trying to survive their years of high school without being taunted by the upperclassmen.

2.) The Zoo Gatherers–> Where teachers and students gather information and together create events for different grade levels.

3.) The 4 Moon Phases–> For a high school yearbook staff, there are four different grade levels and the four phases can represent each class (from highest to lowest phases).

These ideas are not the best, but are rather examples of what yearbook themes can be and how topics can vary from Halloween to Movie themes and beyond.