New Material Ideas for Blogging:

Since I have run out of ideas lately, I have posted a list down below I will take into consideration when blogging about something next time. But before doing so, do a quick a search and see if the topic has been covered. If so, move onto something else. My New Years Resolution is to cover as many topics between here and on my professional blog as possible.

  • Attending & Discussing events on campus
  • Discussing weight loss goals
  • Write movie reviews
  • New Years Resolution Solution
  • Trips to many places in TN
  • Events and concerts in Nashville
  • Interviewing someone in the political/journalism arena
  • Briefly discuss topics learned at school

My Favorite Place on Campus: Library

For the past three hours, I have been at the library listening to videos and doing my homework. My first homework assignment which opened up today was so quick and painless that I ended up with an “A” a few moments ago.

The library is one of my favorite places to go to on campus for long days because it helps me concentrate more and the more time I spend there, the quicker I can get things done before going to my next class and going home to relax for the rest of the day.

For college students, where do you like to mainly hang out on campus? Why? What’s your favorite place to get things accomplished?

Attend Events To Blog About:

Previously, I wrote a post about blogging events and finding new material. However, I never dived into the subject of events I plan to attend for blogging and experience purposes. In April, I will be attending a Matthew Morrison concert in Nashville and write about going to a concert all by myself. The second event is to the Walker Stalker Convention in June. I’ve never been there, but am a fan of the Walking Dead show. Being a college student who’s able to experience a lot of opportunities to meet people on campus but went to very little events makes me regret it because it will help me expand my horizons and connect with people.

Today, I will be attending an event on campus regarding the “Not My President” protest against Trump. Protests are not always a good idea to go to because it can become violent in a heartbeat, but in order to be a journalist, it’s best to stay professional and focus on the message this rally is spreading and sending to the younger generations. And how will voting privileges affect the nation from years to come & go.

Blogging Events:

It’s a new year and it’s time for me to blog some new material I’m not use to. For the past four years, my posts have been repetitive and boring as sin. Since there are some events I will be going to in the Spring, it’s best for me to get out of my comfort zone at this time and attempt to reach for the new stars. Looking for new material is not only a good idea, but it’s important for the blogger to entertain their audience members.

For bloggers, when you run out of material, what would you do? How do you manage to quickly find new material? What advice would you give to a new blogger about their work?

Judd Travers: A Main Character from Saving Shiloh, 2006

Third Film:

  1. Begins to take responsibility for his own behavior and actions. (For example, when he apologized to Marty after yelling him due to a dog biting him on the leg).
  2. Was accused of murder by the entire town after a local citizen was killed. Turned out it was two different people who were running after David and Marty. No apologies from the community.
  3. Saved Shiloh and Marty’s lives after they nearly drowned in the river and eventually, earned respect from the entire community.
  4. Got a job with the Fire & Rescue Squad.
  5. Mentioned briefly that no matter what mood his father was in, he would beat him regardless.

*Side Note from all three of the films:*

  • You can’t change people overnight. Not only do you have to show kindness and work with  them patiently at a slow rate, they themselves have to catch on and eventually will learn how to control what they say, how to react and how both of these can reflect on their character. In other words, action speaks louder than words.
  • You must discover the truth as to why that person’s mean rather than gossip about them because you never know what they went through in their life.