Practice Writing an Article? Find one And Edit it

Have you read articles that aren’t worth reading, but you want to correct? Perhaps, due to poor grammatical and punctuation errors? Or because there are too many keywords which indicates the website’s topic is fictitious? If you have read articles similar to these and are interested in editing them for enhancing your writing capabilities, here are some steps you can take to do so:

  1. Read the article carefully and figure out what the topic of it is.
  2. After discovering the topic, read each sentence and paragraph carefully. Look for keywords that sets the tone (how the writer perceives the topic, the mood).
  3. Once you figure out what the writer’s purpose of the article is, begin writing your first two paragraphs.
  4. Make sure to shorten the first paragraph because it is about what is happening in the story.
  5. The second and third paragraphs should be about the how, who said what and what can be prevented.
  6. Conclusion is wrapping everything together in one to two short sentences.
  7. Think of this as writing a five paragraph essay. It’s not hard to figure out the introduction, three main points and conclusion. Except, the introduction starts off with a story that has occurred.